Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use this link to view/download the Bulletin
Bulletin 202 April 2019 WFR.pdf

Page Title Author Index
41 Library and Society notes, Graham Mark
42 Letter to the editor, 1A5-1
43 Follow-up: Whose form is this?, 3C12-1
44 Editor’s note: London French censors and Dieppe WWI wax seal, 1A5-1 & 1A7-1
46 Censorship in Bermuda early September 1939, Larry Oliver, 3C10-3
48 Canal Zone WWI Civilian Censor No. 914 Recorded, David Zemer, 1C6-2-4
49 Cuban WW2 Export Permit Cachet?, Maurice Buxton, 3C4
50 GB - WWI - A new handstamp, Bob Galland, 1A7-1
51 Cyprus WWII: Nice Wax Seal – Spectacular Cover, Dann Mayo, 3D1-10
52 Wax Seals Update 1, Dann Mayo, Various
53 From a WWII Wax Seal Collection, Dann Mayo, Various
56 The forensic testing of mails by the British Postal Censorship during WWI. Graham Mark, 1A7-1
60 Arab-Israel War 1948: surface mail Malta to Cyprus censored in Egypt, Marc Parren, 4B1-1
62 Indian WWI Postal Censorship Survey, Robert Gray, 1D4-1
68 An Unidentified British-type PC 22 Resealing Label and Hand Stamp,Tony Brooks & Graham Mark, 3A8-1
70 More Nuggets from eBay, Dann Mayo, Various
73 Query article: Brazil enclosure form, John Hardies, 3C1-1
75 Are Happy Times (for Censorship Collectors) Here Again?, Dann Mayo, 4C
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