CCSG Auction 196 Lot Listing

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CCSG Auction 196 Lot Listing

Postby dannmayo » Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:35 pm

Note: Uploading and linking of scans has ended. When these are in place, to view the scan, click on the colored lot number (and, in many cases, the "More" link(s) immediately before the reserve price). Where there is no colored lot number/More, please contact Peter Burrows by E-mail at if you need a scan. DM.

CCSG Auction No. 196
Closing Date for bids Tuesday 5th December 2017

This is the first of the paperless listing, I hope you will be successful

NOTE This auction priced in POUNDS STERLING, with overseas winners invoiced in Dollars or Euros

For the auction rules see CCSG Bulletin 157, except clause 10 have been revised to read “Bids must be made in POUNDS STERLING. The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.”

Bids mail to CCSG Auction Manager, Peter Burrows, 116 Lynton Road, Harrow Middlesex HA2 9NN
United Kingdom, or by E-mail at

Bids by e-mail will only be accepted if your full name & postal address are given
I usually acknowledge e-mail bids within 24 hours, so if you do not receive confirmation, please try again
Lots are normally held in Great Britain and therefore incur no VAT, except those marked *

There is NO Buyers Premium, only postage & packing will be added to invoice.

Payment of Winning Lots:
U.K. & other Overseas Members to send cheque payable to Civil Censorship Study Group in Pounds Sterling £ to U.K. Treasurer Graham Mark [The banks are objecting to use of initials only],
or if by PAYPAL send payment in GBP - British Pounds to, please add 4% to cover fees or use "I'm sending money to family or friends" so that any fees are paid by you
North American Members to send cheque drawn on American Bank payable to Dann Mayo - CCSG in US$,
or if paying by PayPal send to and add 4% to above amount
EU Members can send EURO cheque drawn on German Bank payable to Konrad Morenweiser

Material for future auctions always welcome

Abbreviations: AM = air mail, b/s = backstamped, bcm = blue crayon mark of US Censorship at bottom left, c. = cover, cld = cancelled, co3s = cover opened out 3 sides, (CoA) = Coat of Arms, CS = Censor Station, fkd = franked, h/s = handstamp, m/s = manuscript, nc = not censored, o/w = otherwise, pbt = plain brown tape, pc = postcard, pm = postmark, ppc = picture postcard, ps = postal stationery, RX = International Red Cross, s = surface mail, sf = serif letters, s/l = single line, st = resealing label slit open, t = censor re-sealing tape/label, w/ = with, w/o = without, [ .. ] = CCSG type numbers.
The number after the description [xxx] is the vendor’s reference.
Quality: XF = extra fine, VF = very fine, F = fine, VG = very good, G = good, P = poor.

Lot # Description Reserve in GB£

1 GB - SOUTH AFRICA 1901 (Jan 10) Plain envelope addressed to Baakins Bay, Cape Colony & forwarded in blue c rayon to Beaufort West, Cape Colony bearing GB QV 1d lilac tied Chiselhurst cds & with violet circular Passed By / Censor with initials in centre & with Beaufort (1 Feb) arrival cds on reverse [1849]More £5.00
2 SOUTH AFRICA 1902 (May 9) Plain envelope to Grahamstown bearing C.O.G.H. 1d tied oval unclear numeral with Craigbonnie cds alongside & with violet oval Press Censor / 10 Jun 1902 / Passed & with Bedford (10 Jun) transit cds & Grahamstown (11 Jun) squared circle arrival on reverse [1850]More £5.00

World War I
3 BELGIUM-GB [CANADIAN FORCES] 1916 (Jul 26) Plain stampless envelope with piece gone top left, part flap gone to Stoney Stratford, Bucks cancelled Field Post Office 3.X cds & with 6 sided Passed / Field / Censor / 1878 h/s [CM4] issued to 49th Cdn. Battalion 7th Canadian Brigade & with further Passed/Field/Censor/3137 h/s in violet issued to 52nd Cdn Batt. 9th Canadian Brigade used somewhere in Belgium Unusual double Field Censorship [1868] £4.00
4 BELGIUM-HOLLAND 1915 (Oct 19) Plain envelope to La Hage bearing single 20c tied Postes Militaires / Belgique & with black on green Censure Militaire label & on reverse Gravenhage (28 Oct) arrival cds [1895]More £5.00
5 BELGIAN OCCUPATION OF GERMAN EAST AFRICA 1918 Manuscript censor on registered postcard from Kigoma to GB More £60.00
6 BULGARIA 1918 Sofia censor handstamp on local cover with well-tied bisect. Nothing on back but another strike of the censor handstamp. Cover with central vertical fold £20.00
7 CANADA - BERMUDA [CENSORED in BERMUDA] 1917 (Feb 25) Plain envelope to Bailey's Bay bearing Canada GV 3 x 1c tied Toronto date stamp & with pink circular P.C. / Bermuda (type CM 15) censor & on reverse Hamilton (9 Mar) transit date stamp [1848] £30.00
8 CEYLON-SWITZERLAND [POSTCARD & PERFIN] 1917 (Aug 24) Black & white picture postcard showing 6 females with tea baskets to Winterthur bearing 6c Perfinned V.B. tied Colombo cds & with violet circular Passed / Colombo / Censor hand stamp Perfins on Ceylonese adhesives are not overly common [1713] £20.00
9 CORFU 1918 Faint Verificato Per Censura and military unit handstamps on postcard with PM 110 postmark. (Buzzetti lists this postmark at 11 points “rare,” ca. $50-$150) More £30.00
10 CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1945 Ceska Lipa handstamp on registered postal from Novy Bor card to Germany £12.00
11 DANMARK-USA [INTERCEPTED in GB] 1917(Dec 7) Privatbanken I Kobenhavn printed envelope to Philadelphia bearing very nice strip 5 x 4o tied Copenhagen cds & intercepted by British with black on white Opened By / Censor / 5093 label applied [1902]More £16.00
12 EGYPT 1917 Censor handstamp on local registered cover from English firm to a French publication. Unusual and attractive £15.00 More
13 EGYPT 1919 Wordless censor handstamp on postcard to GB £5.00
14 EGYPT-SUDAN 1915 Small Passed by Censor handstamp on postal stationery entire. Cannot make out postmark (appears something on the order of Batynka Zena), backstamped Shellal Halfa TPO No. 1 More £20.00
15 EGYPT-USA [PAIR of COVERS] 1916 Plain envelopes to Springfield, Mass. bearing Sphinx pair 5m tied Port Said (19 May) cds & with blue on blue fancy Opened By Censor label tied blue circular Passed By Censor with Star in centre hand stamp together with 1918 envelope bearing Colossi of Amenopolis 111 at Thebes 10m tied Cairo (7 Dec) cds & with black framed chamfered corners Passed Censor / 1 showing the evolut9ion of censorship as war progressed [1903]More £7.00
16 EGYPT-GB [5th INDIAN & 27th GENERAL HOSPITALS] 1916 stampless printed 5 Indian General Hospital to Alexandria cancelled Indian FPO 311 (17 May) & with violet Passed By Censor / Indian Expeditionary Force / 141 & on back Suez (17 May) Sidi Barhir (18 May) transit & Alexandria (18 May) arrival & Plain envelope with light vertical crease to Aberdeen countersigned by member RAMC & cancelled skeleton APO SZ10/B (9 Jul) & with triangular Passed / By / Censor 3109 h/s in red allocated to 27th General Hospital 2 items from Hospitals in Egypt [1901]MoreMore More £25.00
17 FRANCE-USA CANADIAN FORCES-PATRIOTIC 1918 (Feb 18) Pictorial printed envelope showing Crossed British & Canadian Flags with Royal crest to Childwood NY 7 forwarded to So Colton NY cancelled d/r Army Post Office 3 machine d/s & w/boxed Crown / Passed / By / Censor / No / scratched out in indelible pencil h/s in violet [CM6] used by Base Army Post office in Boulogne & w/black on white Opened By / Censor / 3649 label [1869] £3.00
18 FRENCH CENSOR IN LONDON - Madrid 1916 (date note clear) paid 25c to Berlin, marked “Via Genova” but travelled via London OUVERT 904 and two examiner numbers 3 & 11. No arrival mark. Indelible pencil annotation in German on reverse £15.00
19 FRENCH CENSOR IN LONDON – Barcelona August 1918, paid 25c, to Amsterdam. OUVERT 901, examiner 21. Arrived 11 Sept 18 £12.00
20 FRENCH CENSOR IN LONDON – New York City 27 Dec 19, postal stationery 5c “corner cover” to Switzerland. OUVERT 905 examiner 10, arrived 18 Jan 19 £12.00
21 GREECE 1918 Syros lion censor handstamp on incoming postal card from Athens. Usually seen on outgoing mail £30.00
22 IRAQ 1919 (Apr 26) The BAGHDAD TIMES newspaper No 409 containing news "Progress of Peace Conference" + "Anarchy in Munich" + "Lieut. Col. A. T. Wlson, Civil Commissioner of Mesopotamia" + "North Russian situation" & "The new bridge at Baqubah" etc together with bi-lingual 29 Nov 1914 The Busra Times Special Edition regarding 2 days of anarchy following the Turkish evacuation due to the victorious British Exped. Force that on 22 Nov marched into Busra Folds to both with a little splitting on the Special Edition 2 items [1885]More More£12.00
33 ITALY 1918 Enclosure form with front (+) of cover. Form with faults including small piece out. Rare £35.00
24 ITALY-HOLLAND 1918 (Apr 16) Plain envelope REGISTERED to DUTCH RED CROSS, The Hague bearing pair 25c tied Firenze No. 3 cds & with matching R / Firenze N. 3 / 2905 registration label & black on white Verificato / Per / Censura label tied black boxed Bologna Posta Estera / Verificato Per Censura (57) & unframed 603 hand stamp & on reverse Bologna [17 Apr] transit & Gravenhage [14 May] arrival cds [1906]More £6.00
25 MALTA-GB Pair picture postcards Royal Palace Malta (Jul 1915) with circular Passed By Censor / Crown / No 1079 other glossy Greetings from Malta (9 Jul 1917) with triangular Passed By Censor / Crown / No 4166 both bearing 1d (the 1917 damaged) & tied Valletta cds [1900]More £7.00
26 SWITZERLAND-FRANCE 1916 (Jul 19) Envelope to Annecy bearing William Tell 10c & 3 x 5c tied St. Prex d/s & with Controle Postal Militaire label tied oval Ouvert / 255 / par L'Autorite Militaire h/s in black & with on reverse Annecy / Hte Savoie (20 Jul) arrival d/s [1873] £4.00
27 SWITZERLAND-USA [CENSORED by FRENCH] 1916(Dec 19) Plain envelope to Raleigh NC bearing 25c tied Interlaken cds & with black on brown Controle Postal Militaire label tied black oval Ouvert / 202 / Par Autorite Militaire & with unframed red 12 hand stamp [1907] £4.00
28 TURKEY/IRAQ 1916 Scarce Baghdad censor handstamp on postal card from member of the German Consulate, with Istanbul handstamp as well. Stamp removed from left of card £20.00
29 TURKEY/LEBANON ca. 1917 Beirut censor handstamp on front (only) of domestic cover from Beirut. Use on internal mail is scarce £25.00
30 TURKEY/PALESTINE ca. 1917 Beirut censor on bank cover from Haifa to Germany. Cover with vertical fold at left £30.00
31 USA [MILITARY CONSCRIPTION] 1918 (Oct 21) Stampless War Department Local Board Official Business Penalty card Imprinted Form 1009-PMGO./ (See Sec. 122, S.S.R.) for Huntington Park, CA being a Notice to Appear for Physical Examination to John Underwood Los Angeles cancelled Los Angeles / 2 m/c vertical crease otherwise fine [1866]More £5.00

32 POLAND 1919 (Jan) Polish-Ukrainian War. Polish Lwow censor on registered commercial cover franked with Austrian stamp tied by cut-down Austrian postmark, with Austrian Lemberg R-Label. Lemberg/Lwow was claimed and partially occupied by forces of the West Ukrainian People's Republic from 1-22 November 1918. The Ukrainians continued to surround Lwow on 3 sides until May, launching offensives against it in January, February and March. During this time Lwow was connected to Poland only by the railway line to Przemyśl, control of which was hotly contested. This probably accounts for the lack of Polish postal equipment in the city when this cover was sent. Cover with 2 light vertical folds; nothing on back £40.00
33 SERBIA occupation of Hungary, ca. 1919 Faint censor handstamp on registered cover franked with Baranya overprint, from Pecs to Timisoara. Nothing on back. These 2 cities are now in different countries More More £20.00

34 ADEN-GB [RAF CENSOR] 1939 (Oct 10) Plain envelope with most of back flap gone to Darleston bearing Dhows 2 x 1½a tied Aden cds & with violet circular Crown /Passed By / RAF / Censor / No 65 hand stamp These RAF type R1 censors are becoming difficult to locate [1871] £6.00
35 ADEN - EGYPT [DOUBLE CENSORED] 1942 (Oct 8) longer envelope Registered Airmail to Barclays Bank, Alexandria bearing Aden GV1 2r & 8a plus on reverse additional Aden GV1 2a & 3a making a high rate of 2r 13a tied Aden cds & with matching Registration label No 0468 + red on white PC22 Opened By / Censor tied boxed Passed By Censor / No 3 / Aden hand stamp in violet plus circular bi-lingual Censorship / Dept / 51 hand stamp with on back Alexandria (14 Oct) arrival cds [1875]More £40.00
36 AFGHANISTAN Kabul (date not clear) paid 1R25 stamp on back to USA. Censored in Peshawar with OPENED BY EXAMINER label type 12A2 (10 points) tied by h/s DHH3 type 6 on the front and type 5A on the back (both 7 points but type 5A poorly struck) Printed airmail label crossed out £25.00
37 ARGENTINA - FRANCE [INTERCEPTED PUERTO RICO & HELD BY CENSORSHIP] 1943 (Apr 22) Air France printed envelope to Nice bearing 1p + 40c + 5c tied Buenos Aires cds intercepted in Puerto Rico & with transparent Examined By / 14024 tape & with unframed This Article has been Held By the Office of Censorship with on reverse red unframed 660 & 1069 filing numbers [1888]More £25.00
38 AUSTRALIA - GB [HORSESHOE ROUTE AIRMAIL] 1941 (Nov 17) Airmail envelope to Messrs. United Kingdom Commercial Corp. Ltd., London forwarded in manuscript to Plantation House Rood Lane EC 6 bearing Australia Hermes 1/6 tied GPO Sydney / NSW Aust cds & with red on white 2 Opened By Censor label tied framed 2 / Passed / By / Censor / 1202 hand stamp in violet [1877] £7.00
39 AUSTRALIA - GB [PATRIOTIC] 1941 (Nov 19) longer airmail envelope with vertical crease to Messrs. United Kingdom Corporation, London forwarded in manuscript to Fenchurch St. bearing Australia Hermes 2 x 1/6 making 3/- rate tied GPO Sydney / Air / N.S.W. cds & with boxed double rimmed Do Not Discuss / Troops Movements hand stamp in blue partly overlaid by red on white Opened By Censor / 2 dot label tied unframed S.49 hand stamp in violet [1876] More £15.00
40 AUSTRALIA - GB1940 (Feb 5) Plain envelope by AIRMAIL to Tunbridge Wells bearing Lyre Bird 1/- + Queen Elizabeth pair 1d + GV1 pair 2d making 1/6 rate tied GPO Sydney / Air cds & with red on white Opened By Censor / 2 dot label tied unframed violet Passed by Censor / S.4 hand stamp Attractive item flown on the Empire route that was terminated on 10 June [1585] £6.00
41 AUSTRALIA - SOUTH AFRICA 1944 (May 2) Plain envelope REGISTERED to Cape Town bearing GV1 definitive block 4 x 3½d on 3d tied Cumnock / N.S.W. cds & with matching registration label No. 194 & red on white 2 / Opened By Censor label tied violet framed 2 / Passed / By / Censor / 3 hand stamp & with on reverse partial Cumnock / N.S.W (2 May) despatch + GPO Sydney 03 / N.S.W. (3 May) transit cds [1509] £8.00
42 BELGIUM -GB [METER FRANKED] 1940 (Mar 11) Deckers & Wirtz, Anvers printed envelope to Messrs. F. Bower & Co., Liverpool with pictorial 1f75 meter showing Ship / Beckers & Wirtz Tower Building Anvers tied Antwerp slogan date stamp & with PC66 Opened By / Censor / 1668 label Attractive [1909] £5.00
43 CANADA 1941 Airmail cover from Brazil to civil internee in Camp N, with Canadian civil and Int. Ops. censors. Nearly all of the internees in Camp N at this time were Jewish refugees transferred from the UK More £25.00
44 CYPRUS-GB [XMAS GREETING] 1940(Nov 11) Longer P. Lanitis & Co Ltd, Famagusta printed envelope to Ipswich bearing GV1 Kyrenia Harbour 1½p tied Famagusta / Cyprus d/s & with alongside Flying Goddess Seasons Greetings 1940 label & with Arms / Opened By Censor label [Type L-1] & circular Passed Censor / 30 / Cyprus h/s in red [1858] £45.00
45 DANMARK -GB [SOLO 1 Kr. AIRMAIL & FORWARDED] 1945 (Jul 13) D.B. Alder & Co., a/s Direktionen printed envelope by airmail to Cheltenham & forwarded to Thames Ditton, Surrey bearing definitive 1 Kr. tied Kobenhavn / K machine date stamp & with continuous Udlandspostkontollen Crown Danmark label tied circular Crown / 355 / Danmark hand stamp in violet & on back Cheltenham (20 Jul) transit machine date stamp Good solo franking of 1 Kr [1878] More£15.00
46 ERITREA - SOUTH AFRICA [REGISTERED AIRMAIL] 1944 (Jan 12) Barclay's Bank, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) overstruck violet Asmara hand stamp printed envelope registered to Barclay's Bank, Pretoria bearing GB GV1 1/- + 5d + 2½d & 1d all overprinted M.E.F. making 1/8½d rate tied Asmara cds & with corner marginal R / 829 label with Asmara C inserted, violet circular = O = (CCSG V1A) & Enclosures Certified to be Official Bank Mail Only & on reverse Asmara (12 Jan) despatch cds [1890] More£20.00
47 FRANCE 1941 Camp de Gurs concentration camp censor handstamp on cover from female inmate to Switzerland More £35.00
48 FRANCE 1943 (May) Italian censor on official cover from camp administration (Bureau des effectifs) at Puget sur Argens to IRC in Switzerland, censored in Italy. In January 1942 the Vichy regime did a sweep of Marseilles and sent 2000 Jews to camps in Frejus, from which they were sent on, eventually to extermination camps in Germany. “The operation also encompassed the expulsion of an entire neighbourhood (30,000 persons) before its destruction. Located in the Old Port, the 1st arrondissement was considered by the Germans to be a 'terrorist nest'” (Wikipedia. A different Wikipedia article states “During the 1943 "Battle of Marseille" [sic] and urban scraping operations in the centre of town, 20,000 people were expelled from their homes and interned during several months in military camps nearby Fréjus (La Lègue, Caïs and Puget) More £40.00
49 FRANCE - GB [UPRATED PETAIN STATIONARY] 1942 (Mar 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card uprated with additional strip 3 x Petain 1f to Horsham, Sussex & forwarded to 2000090 Cpl H. F. Hawes W.A.A.F. Granville Hotel, Toftland Bay, I.O.W. tied Sorbets cds & with violet lozenge Crown / Passed / P.102 hand stamp alongside Horsham / Sussex (15 May) cds for redirection Interesting item to serving W.A.A..F. from Vichy France [1619] £16.00
50 FRANCE - GERMANY [UPRATED PETAIN STATIONARY] 1942 (Oct 13) France Petain 1.20f Stationary post card uprated with additional Petain 1.20f to Berlin tied Paris date stamp & with red circular Gepruft / Eagle Swastika / Obercommando der Wehrmacht hand stamp & 4 x small violet boxed 410 & 393 & 350 & 302 plus tiny red unframed Ar censor hand stamps [1664] £6.00
51 GERMANY - BELGIUM [STATIONARY CARD] 1940 (Dec 29) German Hindenburg 5pf Stationary card to Aubel uprated with additional 10pf tied Berlin cds & with red circular Obercommando der Wehrmacht / Eagle / a / Gepruft hand stamp [1894] £7.00
52 GREAT BRITAIN 1941 (25 July) BPA typewritten “enclosure form” in patriotic cover to US. The Victory Day [20 – under the tape] July 1941 cachet highlights a now-obscure aspect of the propaganda war. “Just after midnight [on July 20 1941] a message from Churchill was read over the air by a mysterious 'Col. V. Britton' calling upon the people of Nazi-occupied Europe to mobilize under the V for Victory campaign. Citizens of occupied Europe within the broadcast's range were urged to chalk letter V's in public places and tap out the Morse Code version of the letter – three dots and a dash – to make known their confidence in Allied victory.” (Wikipedia) £40.00
53 GB 1945 (18 May) Censor handstamp on EFM to Czech soldier at Undercover Address for Czechoslovak Forces in GB (GPO Box 226 London EC1). Not sure what the not on the back means More £15.00
54 GB - INDIA [AIRMAIL with NICE FRANKING] 1942 (Jul 19) Plain envelope by airmail to B.A. Hobson K.S.L.I. attached R.I.A.S.C. c/o Grindley & Co., Bombay & forwarded in red ink 378 Supply section, c/o 15 A.B.P.O. bearing GB GV1 definitives 7d & 8d tied Chelsea / S.W.3 machine date stamp & with lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 43 hand stamp in black with on back Bombay GPO (20 Oct) arrival cds Scarcer & colourful franking making up the 1/3 airmail rate [1879] £4.00
55 GB - USA [REGISTERED AIRMAIL PERMIT COVER] 1943 (Oct 11) R. Roberts "Y.Q" Rotherfield, Sussex printed envelope registered airmail to San Jose CA bearing GB GV1 definitives 1/- & 6d tied faint oval London date stamp with London W.74 / No 0319 registration label & oval Passed By British Philatelic Assn. signed & dated hand stamp in violet & lozenge Crown / Passed / PER 34 hand stamp in red + on side transparent Examined By / 5886 tape applied in New York & on back various New York transit date stamps & San Jose, Calif / registered (15 Nov) arrival cds [1880] More£5.00
56 GB [NO SERVICE RETURN TO SENDER with OFFICIALLY SEALED LABEL] 1940 (May 8) Longer window envelope sent Printed Matter overseas bearing GV1 definitives pair 1½d tied Chesham & Amersham / Bucks date stamp & with PC 66 Opened By / Censor / 1060 label plus violet framed No Service / Return To Sender hand stamp with on back G Arms R / Officially Sealed in the / Returned Letter Section / London Postal Region label & London E.C. / D (23 May) arrival date stamp The only area at war at this date was the European mainland & this is postmarked just 2 days before Germany invaded & quickly overran the low countries and France [1536] More£10.00
57 GB – SWITZERLAND {from DUTCH to SWISS RED CROSS] 1943 (Mar 17) Information Bureau, London Committee of the Netherlands Red Cross Society, London printed envelope by airmail to the Red Cross, Geneva bearing GB 3d & 2d tied London W.1 date stamp & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner 528 label Nice item from Government in Exile [1886] £20.00
58 GB - IRELAND [RETURNED BY THE CENSOR] 1944 GB 5½d Registered stationary envelope to Holywood, Co. Down cancelled York cds & with R / York 5 / No 8981 registered label & with part PC 90 continuous Crowns / Opened By / Examiner label with number gone & green on white PC 23 / Returned to Sender / By the Censor / For Reason Explained in / Memorandum Enclosed / in this Cover.. No memorandum is present [1726]More £8.00
59 GB Occupation of Eritrea 1944 CCSG (2000) ty. VIA handstamp on cover from Asmara to India, also censored in Bombay More £20.00
60 GB-GERMANY 1939/ca. 46. GB Ty. 2 PC90 tape over PC66 tape, with German Zurückgehaltene Post von der Zensur freigegeben... label on cover from Mexico (3 Dec) to Germany No backstamps. Scarce and attractive More £30.00
61 GB-GERMANY-PORTUGAL1940 Cover from Netherlands to Box 506, Lisbon (Thomas Cook), with German and GB censors. Opening tear on back More £55.00
62 GB-OCCUPATION of ITALIAN SOMALILAND CCSG [2000] Ty. H-I ans L-2 on cover from Mogadishu to Addis via Nairobi. Not clear why one strike of the handstamp was crossed out More £35.00
63 GB PC90 tape on cover carried outside the mails (note manuscript “dip bag;” I am assuming that the MAP indicates Ministry of Aircraft Production) from a firm of patent attorneys in Coventry to another firm of patent attorneys in the US More £10.00
64 GERMANY 1941 (Nov), Retour contenu non admis handstamp of Koln, Landsmann CB3.5 (“F” scarcity, “Rare, up to 5 known”) on cover from France to Netherlands. Cover with vertical fold £30.00
65 GERMANY 1941 POW postcard with Oflag XIIA censor handstamp to Helena Lübke, of Undercover Address fame. (Sent to Joliette 3, Vaud, whereas the Undercover Address book lists Joliette 3 in Lausanne.) More £15.00
66 GERMANY OCCUPATION of BELGIUM 1942 German and British censor handstamps and OCA handstamp on illustrated advertising postal card to Undercover Address in Portugal (10 rua do Loreto). Card with central vertical fold, but still unusually attractive More £55.00
67 GERMANY OCCUPATION of POLAND 1941 German censor handstamp on postal card to Undercover Address in Portugal (157 Rua da Palma, Lisbon) More £40.00
68 GERMANY OCCUPATION of POLAND 1942 German censor handstamp on postal card to Undercover Address in Portugal (Joao Alves, Rua do Arsenal [100] 3° Esq), with Polish handstamp on back More £45.00
69 GERMANY OCCUPATION of POLAND 1943 German censor tape on cover to Undercover Address in Portugal (Rua Alexandre Herculano 41) with address notation label on back. Covers to Polish relief organizations in Lisbon are scarcer than postcards More £50.00
70 GOLD COAST 1942 CCSG (2000) ty. III tape (8 points) on cover from Kwanyaku to US More £12.00
71 GREECE - GB 1940 (Oct 18) Plain envelope by Airmail to United Kingdom Commercial Corporation Ltd bearing Greece Historical issue 2d + Balkan Economy 6d + Mythological Bird 25 lepta tied Thessalonika cds & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner 346 label & circular Greek vernacular hand stamp in violet & with on back Athens (19 Oct) transit cds [1881] £5.00
72 GREECE-USA [BRITISH FORCES COMMUNIST UPRISING] 1945 (Jan 5) Censored stampless Honour env to New York cancelled FPO 783 located Athens &with crown over Shield Passed By Censor / 8366 h/s The Communist uprising sometimes called 1st Civil War commenced 3 December 1944 & was subdued by British forces 11 January 1945 [1864] £8.00
73 GREECE – GB [TRIPLE CENSORED POSTCARD] 1944 (Nov 25) Et. Dialismas & Co., printed postcard to Griffin & Tatlock Ltd., London W.C.2 bearing pair 2d overprinted Apaxmai Neai tied Athenai (6 Mar 45) cds & with blue boxed bi-lingual Greek Censor /224 + unframed 2-, 266 applied in Egypt + lozenge Crown / Passed / T.125 with manuscript 2039 inserted hand stamps plus interesting message giving respect & admiration to Mr. Churchill & the great allies of Great Britain - very nice 3 country censored item with Egyptian censor unreported by CCSG as at 2000 but similar although larger to CCSG type 24 that has 4 digits after the dash [1537]More £7.00
74 HAITI-JAMAICA [INTER ISLAND MAIL] 1942 (Feb 18) Plain envelope REGISTERED to Convent of Mercy Academy "Alpha" Kingston endorsed Par Avion & bearing Chapelle de Christophe Milot 2 x 50c & Interamerican Coongress 25c tied Cap Haitien / R duplex & with red crayon manuscript B above ink 2 over 203 alongside pencil 4250 plus Sous-Secretariat D'Etat / A L'Information et a la Police Generale / Ouvert Par la Censure label tied large mauve circular Republique D'Haiti / Informations et Police Generale hand stamp & on reverse Port Au Prince (19 Feb) transit & oval Kingston-Jamaica/Registered (23 Feb) arrival date stamps [1679] More£25.00
75 INDIA 1939 (1 Sept) Cover in transit when war was declared, censored in Bombay More £8.00
76 INDIA 1941 (Jan) Belgaum Not Opened handstamp (CCSG [2011] ty. 8G, 10 points) on cover from Portuguese India (Nova Goa and Margao postmarks) to a Richard Fischer at the Sattara [sic] Parole Camp. Fischer's status is not given, but if he was German he was a rare bird: “At first Satara had only five men, mostly Jewish with their wives. In February, 1941, the ratio at the camp was 41 German women, nine men and 12 children, indicating that some of the women and children had been transferred to Purandhar.” More £35.00
77 INDIA 1945 (July) Rare Gauhati censor, CCSG (2011) ty 7A, code E (10 points) on cover from Assam to Calcutta (15 July backstamp) More £15.00
78 INDIA - USA [AV2 with METER CANCELS] 1941 (Feb 27) Victor P.O. Box 992 Bombay printed envelope by airmail endorsed India Hong Kong, Trans Pacific Air Services to The International General Electric Co. Inc., Schenectady N.Y. with Bombay GPO / I.G.E. Co. meter cancels 4 x 5a + 3a + ½a & on back 12 x 5a making 83½a = 5r 3½a rate & with black framed Not Opened By / Censor / C 1 overlaying violet A.V.2 within circle & framed Not Opened / By / Censor applied in Hong Kong & on back Victoria / Hong Kong (13 Mar) transit cds This rate 5r 3½a corresponds exactly to the double rate applicable between July to October 1940 for air transit via BOAC to Hong Kong thence Panam Fam 14 Rare [1847]More £120.00
79 INDIA - IRELAND [9p STATIONARY CARD UPRATED for AIRMAIL] 1942 (Jun 15) India 9p printed Stationary post card by airmail to Londonderry from 129929 Sgt. Bresland, 20th Field Battery, R.A.S.C. c/o Army Base P.O., India uprated with additional India GV1 definitives 3a + 3p tied weak Field Post Office / ??? cds & with triangular Passed By / Censor / Crown / No 2069 & with bold unframed Air / Mail hand stamps both in violet A very attractive item [1882] £8.00
80 INDIA - USA [AIRMAIL TRANS AFRICA] 1945 (Mar 6) Plain envelope by airmail to M/S Bates Manufacturing Co., Augusta bearing India GV1 2r + 8 + 3½a making 2r 11½a rate tied Bazar Gate / Bombay cds & with violet octagonal C over 4 hand stamp tied transparent Examined By / 6371 tape This rate paid the Trans-Africa route BOAC to Lagos via Cairo & onwards by Panam to Miami [1826] £25.00
81 KENYA 1944 Opened by Examiner tape on cover from Masaka, Uganda to Canada More £5.00
82 KENYA - INDIA 1939 (Dec 12) National Bank of India, Nairobi crested envelope Registered sent airmail to J.A. Duthy, c/o Messr's Begg Dunlop & Co., Calcutta bearing KUT GV1 Lake Naivasha 1/- + Jinja Bridge by the Ripon Falls 2 x 30c tied Nairobi/Registered cds & with matching Registration label No 4892 & triangular Passed / Censor / 6 / Calcutta hand stamp in red 12 [1884[ More£10.00
83 MALAYA 1940 Full Em. 193 tapes (CCSG [2011] ty. 3, 9 points) on attractive KLM cover sent by surface mail from South Africa to Dutch East Indies. Cover with vertical fold More £10.00
84 MALAYA-DUTCH EAST INDIES 1940 Singapore and DEI censors on surface mail cover from South Africa tom sailor aboard MS Zaandam at Batavia. (“[Zaandam] was transferred to the America to Java service and she made her first voyage from New York on April 27, bound for the Dutch East Indies.” Sunk by U-174, 2 November 1942.) Cover with vertical and horizontal folds and reduced 5mm at right More £8.00
85 NETH. WEST INDIES – USA [CURACAO DOUBLE CENSORED] 1944 (Mar 9) Printed airmail envelope registered to Los Angeles bearing 15c & 40c tied Willemstad cds & with red on white R / Curacao Willemstad / No registration label w/010307 inserted in black, blue Gezien / Curacao / Censuur & transparent Examined / 30276 tape & on reverse blue unframed 6697, with red ink 4 below, Miami/Fla (11 Mar & 15 Mar) + Los Angeles / Parcel Post (16 Mar]) transit & Los Angeles, Calif / Terminal Annex (16 Mar) arrival cds [1872] More £3.00
86 NEW CALEDONIA – FRANCE 1940 (Jan 12) Air mail envelope Registered to Bas en Basset endorsed Voie Panair bearing Capt Cook 20f & scarce 150th Anniv. Fr. revolution 90+35c tied Poya / Nouvelle Caledonie cds & with framed R / POYA No. hand stamp with 17 inserted in ink plus green Poste Aerienne 1 ere Taversee San Francisco cachet & violet 1st Courrier Pan Amercian Airways hand stamp with on reverse Noumea (13 Jan) despatch & Bas en Basset (24 Nov) arrival cds plus Obercommando der Wehrmacht label tied violet Gepruft / Eagle swastika hand stamp Scarce & neat wartime taxed mail between smaller towns [1856] More£30.00
87 NEW CALEDONIA - FRANCE 1940 (May 17) Air France printed air mail envelope registered to Le Merleraul bearing Flying Boat 50f + 20f + 7f making high 77f rate tied NOUMEA cds & with R / Noumea (N. C.) No 731 label & black circular Controle / Nouvelle Caledonie / Postal hand stamp & on reverse manuscript ink 1-7-40 date of arrival Scarce & attractive [1857] £30.00
88 NEW CALEDONIA [INTERNAL MAIL from SMALLER TOWNS] 1944 Group 6 envelopes all to a pharmacy in Noumea bearing a variety of issues tied Pouembout, Arama, Poya, Poum, Kone or La Foa / Nouvelle Caledonei cds & all with violet circular various numbered Censure Alliee / Nouvelle Caledonie hand stamps (some weak) & all with arrival cds on reverse A scarce group the Le Foa with one lost adhesive [1855] MoreMore MoreMoreMore £80.00
89 NEW CALEDONIA - GB [TRIPLE CENSORED] WW2 Pair plain envelopes with addressee's name & street number excised to Surbiton, Surrey both endorsed PANAIR via Australia bearing Cagou bird pair 10f + Palm tree 50c making 20.50f rate or Capt. Cook & Ship 5f + Cagou bird 2.50f making only 7.50f rate with both tied Noumea cds & both triple censored in New Caledonia, USA & UK 2 items & interesting pair one missing back flap otherwise fair condition. [1854]MoreMore More £25.00
90 NEWFOUNDLAND - GB [AIRMAIL with TAX MARKING] 1943 (Nov 20) Bank of Montreal printed airmail envelope to Bank of Montreal, London bearing Airmail 7c tied St. Johns /Newfoundland slogan date stamp overlaid by another strike for 22 Nov after release from censorship & with pencil manuscript T 1/230 (not collected) plus PC 90 / Opened By Examiner / DC 24 label Interesting [1562]More £5.00
91 NEW ZEALAND - GB [to NZ HOUSE & FORWARDED] 1944 (Aug 28) Plain envelope together with letter to J.S. Bambery c/o N.Z. House, 415 Strand, London & forwarded to 87 Landsdown Place, Hove, Sussex bearing Maori carved house 2d tied Timaru (31 Aug) machine date stamp & with PC 90 / Opened By Examiner / D.D.A. 149 label + London / D (1 Nov) transit machine date stamp Mail to Commonwealth Military personnel was not permitted with an open military address for security purposes, it had to be sent via the Consulate or Embassy for forwarding, this is unusual in that it is forwarded to a seemingly civilian address & he seems to have moved about [1896]MoreMore £10.00
92 NORTHERN RHODESIA 1945 CCSG (2000) ty. IIB handstamp on cover from Kigoma, Tanganyika, to Canada More £8.00
93 NORWAY-USA [CENSORED in GERMANY] 1941 (Feb 19) Airmail envelope roughly opened right side to Brooklyn & forwarded locally on arrival bearing 25o Overprinted large V & Commemorative 60o tied Moss V for victory slogan & on reverse Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht . b . . label tied red circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp [1870]More £7.00
94 PALESTINE Pair of PC22 tapes with O of CENSOR in different fonts £20.00
95 PALESTINE 1939 (?) Palestine censor on registered cover from Bolivia with Bolivian Par Avion Juqu'en Europe handstamp. Nice origin-destination item, and attractive More £12.00
96 PORTUGUESE INDIA - USA [AIRMAIL] 1945 (Oct 2) Kashinath Damodar Nair, Merchants & Agents, Margao Gao printed envelope by airmail to New York bearing on reverse Vasco de Gama 6 Rs + 1938 Air issue 7 tgs & 11 tgs tied poor Goa cds & with PC90 Opened By Examiner label tied lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 80 & unframed DHC / 383 hand stamps The lozenge looks like DHO that does not make sense, to me anyway, & I think it is an over inked DHC [1887] More£20.00
97 SIERRA LEONE-GB 194? Censor handstamp on cover sent through civil post. No return address but what may be a unit crest on the flap. Opening damage, especially on back More £12.00
98 SOUTH AFRICA - SURINAME [with S.A.N.F. LABEL] 1940 (Jun 4) Plain envelope to Paramaribo bearing Gold Mine 2 x 1½d tied Springs date stamp & with Ondersteun / Suid Afrikaanse / Nasionale / Burgemeeesters / Fonds / SANF label & partial (back gone) Opened Door de Censuur label tied black 020940 date of censorship hand stamp with on reverse Partial Paramaribo (2 Sep) arrival cds [1851] £15.00
99 SOUTH AFRICA - ARGENTINA 1942 (Dec 28) Plain envelope to Buenos Aires bearing Gold Mine 2 x 1½d tied Johannesburg date stamp & with red on white bi-lingual UC8 (Small) Opened / By / Censor label tied violet Arms / B handstamp & on reverse B.Aires (3 Feb 43) arrival slogan date stamp Not a common destination & a respectable 37 day sea transit time [1852]More £15.00
100 SOUTH AFRICA-GB 1943(Mar 4) Plain longer env to British Red Cross Society, Clarence House, St., James London bearing Ship 2 x 1d plus Nurse 1d tied Johannesburg / B d/s & w/circular The South African / Red Cross Society h/s in violet w/large Cross in centre [1859] £15.00
101 SOUTH AFRICA-USA 1944 (May 12) Bi-lingual Red Cross Society, P.O. Box 8726, Johannesburg printed envelope to The Director, Civilian Relief, Insular & Foreign Operations, National HQ, Washington DC bearing Bantam 3d tied Johannesburg date stamp & with bi-lingual red on white UC8 (Small) / Opened / By / Censor label tied violet Arms / B hand stamp with on opposite side US transparent Examined By / 11010 / U.S. Censor tape. Very fancy address for what was part of the US Red Cross [1865] £6.00
102 SPAIN-HOLLAND [NEUTRAL to OCCUPIED NATION] 1942(Mar 25) Represaciones Generales Para el Norte de Espana, Oviedo printed envelope to Leiden bearing 5c tied smudged Oviedo cds & with Geoffnet / Obercommando Der Wehrmacht / d / Geoffnet label tied circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp in violet & with 32 within circle & boxed 3 in blue plus unframed B & boxed 2409 in red [1893] £6.00
103 SUDAN 194? CCSG (2000) ty. IV handstamp (10 points) on tiny cover from Khartoum to US More £35.00
104 SWITZERLAND - GB 1940 (May 2) Plain envelope to Cambridge University & redirected within faculties bearing Landscapes Viamala gorge 30c tied Chaux-De-Fonds 1 slogan & with PC 66 / Opened By / Censor / 1902 label Posted 8 days before Germany invaded and quickly occupied the low countries and France disrupting mail services through what would become occupied territories [1874] £5.00
105 SWITZERLAND - GB [POSTCARD] 1940 (Apr 11) Plain postcard to Ealing W. 13 bearing Swiss brown 10c & similar design violet 10c tied Lausanne Red Cross slogan date stamp & with blue lozenge Passed / Crown / T.45 hand stamp with "By Censor" removed (CCSG H 2B3) [1638] £4.00
106 SWITZERLAND-GB [METER CANCELLED] 1940 (Apr 26) Hauptpostfach 645 Case Poste Prinncipale Zurich printed envelope REGISTERED to Kellet, Woodman & Co. Ltd., Bradford bearing 60c meter hand stamp tied Zurich 1 / Briefannahme cds & with matching registration label No 236 & PC 90 / Opened By / Examiner 5236 label [1892]More £6.00
107 SWITZERLAND - GB 1941 (Jul 31) Printed AIRMAIL envelope to Comtelburo Ltd, London E.C. 2 bearing Swiss seated Helvetia 60c tied Geneva 11 cds & with PC90 Opened by / Examiner 1024 label Nice solo franking of 60c [1790] £6.00
108 SWITZERLAND - GB [AIRMAIL with SPECIAL CENSORSHIP TREATMENT] 1942 (Jun 22) Plain envelope by airmail to Oxford endorsed Kindly Forward bearing Swiss Oath of Union 50c tied Geneva 3 cds & with PC90 Opened by / Examiner label mostly torn away on back but subjected to special censorship treatment with 2 other sides being opened & re-sealed with plain brown label & a portion of the continuous Crowns (CCSG type 2D) label presumably the endorsement aroused the suspicions of censors & thus thoroughly scrutinised [1797]More £3.00
109 SWITZERLAND - GERMANY 1944 (Sep 4) Plain envelope REGISTERED to Dusseldorf bearing 25th Anniv. of National IIR Post 10c + 20c + 30c tied Winterthur cds & with matching Registration label No 284, Geoffnet / Obercommando der Wehrmacht / . . d . . Label tied red circular Eagle Swastika hand stamp & with red boxed 2175 + red unframed L & blue unframed W hand stamps with on reverse Dusseldorf (12 Sep) arrival cds [1703] £10.00
110 TAHITI - ALGERIA [TRIPLE CENSORED] 1941 (Jan 18) Han Wo Lung crested envelope with some staining to right side addressed to Oran bearing Pair 50 f (one damaged ) tied Uturoa Ise Raiatea cds & with black on buff Controle Postal Militaire label tied circular Controle / Postale / Ise Oceanie, partly overlaid by black on white "Controle" label & on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner 4518 label & on reverse Papite / Ile Tahiti (21 Jan) transit slogan Nice 3 country censored item to scarce destination from Uturoa, Ise Raiatea the 2nd largest of the Tahitian islands [1861]More £30.00
111 TRANSJORDAN 1939 Early Amman censor handstamp (CCSG Ty. 1A) on cover to Egypt, censored there as well More £35.00
112 TUNISIA - GB [DOUBLE CENSORED] 1944 (Feb 17) Printed AIRMAIL envelope to Messrs. Ovadia Haber, Manchester bearing 10f tied Tunis Colis Postaux Port / Tunisie cds & with black on pink Conntrole label tied pointed oval Ouvert / VA 29 / Autorites de Controle & on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner 2310 label with on reverse red VA23 within circle [1719]More £6.00
113 US 1941-43 4 unusual covers with Seattle censors including a Crosby patriotic sent from Alaska during the first week that the Seattle censor station was open (as a sub-station of San Francisco) and an incoming cover from Argentina also censored in Trinidad More £25.00
114 US 1942 (June) Seattle censor tape on airmail cover from Trinidad to Vancouver, BC. Under the British-US-Canadian agreement of January, 1942, terminal mail for any of the signatories should not have been censored in transit. Unusual that this was censored by the US and not in Trinidad and/or Canada £10.00
115 US 1942/45 5 covers with 3 different types of Laredo circular censor handstamps, B&M C12.1, 12.2 and 12.3, all scarce More £30.00
116 US-BERMUDA 1942 Cover to IRC Geneva with the standard early Office of Censorship POW Unit handstamp, but used from Chicago (much scarcer than when the Unit was in NY and we had a lot more POW mail), with Bermuda censor tape More £10.00
117 US-PHILIPPINES-JAPAN 1945 Postcard to Sgt. Herbert G Tyson, Osaka Camp No. 120, with US censor handstamp. Not sure if delivered in the camp as there is no Japanese censor. Tyson (serving with the 24th Pursuit Group, age 20 when captured in the Philippines), left the Air Force in 1946 but was called back during the Korean War and retired as an LTC £25.00
118 USA [HAWAII EARLY CENSORSHIP] 1941 (Dec 27) Plain envelope by airmail to San Francisco bearing prexies 4c & 15c + Defence 1c tied Honolulu / Buy / Defence Savings/Bonds & Stamps [28 Dec] Patriotic slogan & with red unframed Censored / By..... [Helbock 955.1] hand stamp with manuscript signature of censoring officer dated 27 Dec [1863] £20.00
119 USA - JAMAICA [RETURNED FOR ADDITIONAL POSTAGE & CENSORED in JAMAICA] 1942 (Nov 20) Bank of Nova Scotia, New York printed envelope to Kingston & forwarded in blue crayon to Constant Spring bearing USA Win the War 3c tied New York machine date stamp & with unframed Returned for Additional Postage hand stamp in violet with USA Defence 2c added tied black Mute canceller & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner I.D. 8806 (CCSG L-10a) label with on reverse New York / Wall Street (2 Nov) + Half Way Tree / Jamaica (17 Dec) transit + Constant Spring / Jamaica (17 Dec) arrival cds Very attractive cover [1883]More £10.00
120 USA - PUERTO RICO [AIRMAIL with MONTREAL CENTENARY] 1943 (Aug 28) Plain envelope to Ponce, Peurto Rico bearing For Defence 1c & Win the War strip 3 x 3c tied Cleveland/Ohio duplex 11 & with 111 Centenaire de Montreal / Societe De Saint-Jean-Baptiste 1642-1942 label & black on white Examined By / 4124 label [1697] £12.00
121 USA-TUNISIA [RETURN TO SENDER] 1943 (Nov 15) longer Owl Export Co., printed envelope together with original letter to Nebuel, Tunisia bearing Prexie 2c & Win the War 3c tied Brooklyn & with 3 strikes of black unframed Retour A l'Envoyeur / 20 hand stamp & evidence of US Transparent Examined tape that has come away good thematic Owl subject [1891]More £6.00
122 URUGUAY - CANADA [FRENCH CANADIAN CENSOR] 1942 Bolmerit S.R. Industria Uruguaya de Cemento Amianto, printed envelope by airmail to Asbestos Corporation Ltd., Thetford Mines, Que. bearing 2 x 50c & single 20c tied poor cds & with Examine /Par … label of the French Canadian censorship [1889]More £18.00

123 CANADA – GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1947 (Jun 13) Airmail envelope with vertical crease to Berlin bearing GV1 definitive 1c + Canadian Flying Geese 2 x 7c tied Vancouver date stamp & with transparent Opened By / Cen. - Civil Mails tape tied black circular U.S. Civil Censorship / Passed / 30182 / Germany hand stamp with on reverse Berlin NW / 7 (28 Jun) arrival cds Unusual from Canada [1515] £6.00
CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1945 See lot 10
124 GERMANY [RUSSIAN ZONE of OCCUPATION] 1948 (Jan 11) Plain envelope to Dusseldorf bearing block 6 x Stadt Berlin 8pf overprinted Sowjetische / Besatzungs / Zone tied Zwickaui(sachs) 2 cds & with on reverse black circular bi-lingual vernacular Russian 5367 censor hand stamp [1897]ore £12.00
125 GB 1951 BPA instructional tape (not resealing) and handstamp on registered cover to US. Unfortunately water stained More £5.00
126 INDONESIA 1962?? Censor / Bank handstamp on cover from Medan to Hong Kong More £15.00
127 IRAQ - GB 1958 (Aug 13) Airmail envelope to Overseas Nursing Association, London S.W.1 bearing 40f & 1f with Arabic overprints tied Mosul City cds & with on reverse violet triangular Arabic censor hand stamp [1898]More £8.00
128 IRAQ - GB [AIRMAIL from BRITISH CONSULATE BASRA] 1962 (Sep 2) Airmail envelope to Export Dept. Dobell's Jazz Record shop, London S.C.2 from British Consulate General, Basra bearing commemorative 40f & 3f tied Basra date stamp & with on reverse violet triangular Arabic censor hand stamp [1899]More £10.00
129 LIBYA - USA [BRITISH OCCUPATION of FORMER ITALIAN COLONIES] 1947 (Apr 7) Airmail envelope with airmail deleted in blue ink to New York bearing GB GV1 definitive 5d overprinted M.E.F. tied Tripoli / Corrisp E Pacchi cds & with 7 within circle censor hand stamp in violet [1908] £15.00
130 PALESTINE 1946 Camp censor on back of cover to Reuven Zacharia, interned at Latrun. Zacharia (a/k/a/ Lieutenant Galili) was a member of the Irgun who left five notebooks of handwritten personal diary (available, typed, on-line in Hebrew) about his internment, and who was one of the 17 Irgun fighters killed (15 July 1948) at the battle for Malha (al-Maliha) More £40.00
131 UGANDA 1972 Idi Amin censorship, using PO official seal as censor tape on registered cover from Kamapla to Nairobi More More £15.00
132 SOUTH AFRICA - GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1946 (Oct 2) Plain envelope by airmail to Berlin bearing 1/3 + Bantams strip 3 x 1d tied Durban slogan date stamp & with Opened By / Mil. Cen.-Civil Mails label tied green circular Military Censorship / 15259 / Civil Mails hand stamp & on reverse Berlin NW 7 (8 Oct) arrival cds [1644] £6.00
133 SWEDEN - GERMANY [ALLIED OCCUPATION] 1946 (Apr 30) Plain envelope with back flap gone to Hamburg bearing pair 5 ore & 2 x 10 ore tied Stockholm 1 cds & with Opened By / Mil. Cen.-Civil Mails label imprinted PSS.2411. 8.45 2000M tied by violet circular Military Censorship / 20394 / Civil Mails hand stamp with the number enhanced in ink [1594] £4.00
134 SYRIA-EGYPT [BRITISH LEGATION DAMASCUS] 1949 (Apr) OHMS envelope roughly opened along top to Commandant, 50 M.C.E., British ME land Forces from H.M.B. Legation, Damascus bearing on reverse 12.50p tied smudged Damascus d/s w/alongside circular Military Attaché / Arms / Beirut & Damascus h/s & with faint but just readable Base Army Post Office / 4 cds & with on face circular Egyptian Censor h/s [1867] More£3.00
135 UNITED STATES 1946 Camp Carson censor handstamp on POW postcard to Germany. Named POW camp censor handstamps did not come into use late 1945. Per, the Camp Carson POW camp closed in June 1946 £10.00

Results of Auction #193, with 7 bidders winning 25 lots
#40 £6.00 #50 £20.00 #52 £30.00 #54 £45.00 #61 £20.00 #62 £2.00 #63 £2.00
#67 £7.00 #68 £8.00 #71 £50.00 #73 £30.00 #74 £12.00 #91 £20.00 #93 £40.00
#102 £15.00 #108 £20.00 #114 £30.00 #115 £25.00 #116 £10.00 #119 £25.00 #133 £12.00
#159 £7.00 #163 £20.00 #166 £40.00 #171 £15.00

Results of Auction #194, with 5 bidders winning 14 lots
#16 £45.00 #17 £25.00 #22 £30.00 #23 £12.00 #25 £80.00 #26 £10.00 #30 £25.00
#31 £12.00 #35 £10.00 #42 £30.00 #43 £20.00 #45 £30.00 #54 £10.00 #55 £8.00
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