Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG-Bulletin 208 October 2020.pdf

Page Title Author Index

121 Society Notes: Back Issues Announcement None
122 Library Notes Graham Mark None
125 The Canadian Report on Censorship: A Narrative on the Organization, Activities and Demobilization of Censorship
During the War of 1939-1945 Ed Fraser 3C10-18
129 The «NO» Triangular Censor Mark from Salonika in WW1 Peter Gassmann 1A5-3
135 Some Cautionary Notes on LATI Mail to the US Dann Mayo 3A3 & 3C10-17
137 Very Early Honolulu Censorship David Mui 3C9-1
138 Postal Sorting Errors as a Key to Explaining Censorship Anomalies Hans van der Horst 3A3
148 1939 (Dec 29th) Gibraltar Censored Lettercard Air Mail to France Civilian Sealing label T1A Colin Searle 3A6
148 A Damned cheek! French Inspection of a Norwegian Consul General’s Letter, 1915 Graham Mark 1A5-1
149 WWI Civil Censorship on Mail Sent Through the Egyptian Expeditionary Force Postal System Larry Nelson 1D14
151 Bermuda Prize Court Ryan Epps 3C10-3
154 A 1941 Christmas Seal Tied to a Cover to France with a “Released by Prize Court” Marking Thomas Richards 3C10-3
156 Three Bermuda Prize Court Covers for Comments Thomas Richards 3C10-3
158 The Office du Colis Alimentaire (OCA) David Mui 3A9-1
160 Special Inspection at Dieppe, 1917 Graham Mark 1A5-1
160 Bohemia to Madrid in 1916, and Returned Graham Mark 1A18-1, 1A7-1, 1A12
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