Contents and link to the Bulletin

Contents and link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.
CCSG-Bulletin 209 January 2021 rev.pdf

Page Title Author Index

1 Season's Greetings The Editor None
1 Library Notes Graham Mark None
3 Membership Graham Mark None
5 WWII - Madagascar: Military censorship of civilian mail, 1942 Joh Groenewald 3B4-2
7 WWII - UK - Handstamp type 2B, P.O.1 Graham Mark & Laurent Le Grel 3A3-10 & 3A8-3
10 Communications between Arab and Israeli countries after the Six-Day War of 1967 Larry Nelson 4D6-1
16 Southern Rhodesia WWII: triangular censor handstamp update Mark M. Loomis 3B6-1
19 Picture postcards and the German censorship regulations Hans van der Horst 3A3
26 Bermuda Prize Court handstamps Graham Mark 3C10-3
28 Bermuda Prize Court database Graham Mark 3C10-3
29 P.C. 23 -re-addressing label- on reverse Gavin Fryer of cover (to Holland) 3A8-1
30 eBay Nugget: France WWII Dann Mayo 3A3-3
31 Via Bermuda? I do not think so. John Wilson 3C10-3
32 WWI French Censors in London, an update Graham Mark 1A5-1 & 1A7-1
33 Japanese Occupied China to UK, WWII Dann Mayo 3A8-1
35 As seen on eBay Peter Burrows 3B6-1
36 GB WWII – More Secret Ink Testing Dann Mayo 3A8-1
37 Information on Second World War impounded mails Gavin Fryer 3A8-1
39 Germany, WWII – Internee Mail Dann Mayo 3A3-2, 3C9
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