Initial Listing

A listing of websites substantially devoted to the study of civil censorship. Additions welcome.

Initial Listing

Postby dannmayo » Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:22 pm

Additions to this list are welcome. But, PLEASE, rather than editing this page, submit them as a New Topic, and let me move them into the list from there. In case the site fails to alert me to "New Topic" postings, an e-mail to me ( would be appreciated. DM.

A note for the "languages-challenged" (like me, and most Americans): There is a Google free translation site that will do a very decent job on blocks of text up to 5,000 words, for over 100 languages:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zenzurpost is the oldest civil censorship group; almost all content in German

Karl Winkelmann's site (says last updated in 2009)
CCSG member Karl Winkelmann was a pioneer in the field of civil censorship websites.

Nico Boder's site:
Website by another CCSG member, in Dutch.

Olivier Lafarge's site:
This new website by Olivier Lafarge, a member of the CSSG, addresses WWII philatelic and postal history issues by country among which, most of the time, censorship. Olivier makes new additions on a regular basis.

Samuel Gauthier-Moreau's site:
Maintained by Samuel Gauthier-Moreau, a member of the CCSG, this site gives a broad overview of French postal history during the Second World war. It provides very up-to-date information on French censorship during WWII and many examples of devices (under the "Poste militaire et contrĂ´le postal" heading).

In the Exhibits Pages section, there are several entries that are shown through links to other websites. Though those sites are not exclusively devoted to civil censorship, they are worth looking at. If you should happen across any more exhibits while looking, please let me know about them.
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