Israel: censorship or exchange control?

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Israel: censorship or exchange control?

Postby danielk » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:38 am

Unfortunately I do not have any information on whether this document is a pure censorship or an Israeli foreign exchange control. The Hebrew closure strip is more indicative of foreign exchange control, as is the backed rectangular stamp with handwritten note 483/9, which could also confirm the registered letter. I could not find any information at Norman Gladstone's 'Postal Censorship in Israel 1948-1978'. Does anyone have an explanation?



First Day Cover from 1.6.1951 transported via Zurich/Geneva (SR, TWA, El-Al) or Rome (KLM) to Tel Aviv and further to Holon (also called Cholon), with auxiliary registration label St. Gallen UPU (used up from 09/1938) and special cancellation p. 325, PÉN (duration of use 21.5.-2.6.1951).

Swiss postal abroad up to 20g = 40 Rp. (1.3.1948-31.3.1959) plus registration fee abroad = 40 Rp. (1.3.1948-31.3.1959) plus airmail surcharge for each 5g for Israel = 20 Rp., In the 2nd Weight Level = 40 Rp (1.1.1950-30.6.1952)
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Re: Israel: censorship or exchange control?

Postby dannmayo » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:27 am

The label is shown on pg. 38 of Gladstone, Norman: Postal Censorship In Israel 1948-1978; Central Stamp Gallery, London; 1978. It is described as a customs label, and the text is translated as Opened by the Customs/Closed by the Post Office. Gladstone's cover (in 1958) has the label tied by a censor handstamp. which certainly confuses the issue of who was doing what. The handstamp on your cover (not tying the label) does not appear in Gladstone's listing of censor handstamps. It appears to be in the same vein as (though not identical to) the handstamp that he shows on page 44, which he identifies as a customs department handstamp.
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