Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG Bulletin 207 July 2020-3.pdf

Page Title Author Index
81 Library and Society Notes Graham Mark
83 Feedback on Goscinny and Uderzo, A Storix John Wilson 3C13-3
84 Feedback on eBay Nuggets - Indonesia 1947 Richard Wheatley 4D10
84 Follow-up on DETAIN and CONDEMNED Resealing M. Dutton, L. Fiset, Labels during the Bermuda Censor Station’s D. Mui, D. Mayo & Transition to Imperial Censorship (IC) Status H. Augustinovic 3C10-3
87 France to the USA 1941, Released by Prize Court 1950 Laurent Bonnefoy 3C10-3
89 Feedback on US-Censored LATI Cover Hans van der Horst 3A3-5 & 3C9-1
91 Once More into the Breach More on Censorship and LATI Mail to the US Dann Mayo 3A3-5& 3C9-1
99 German Transatlantic Airmail 1940-41 John Wilson
100 Import of Used Postage Stamps, 1942 Edward Caesley 3A9-1 & 3A8-1
102 Seized Correspondence by the French Military Postal Control during WWI (1914-1921) Jérôme Bourguignat 1A5-1
109 A Late Control? Michel Trentadue 1A5-1
110 Mail from the Paris Airmail Exposition of 1943 to Argentina Richard M. Stevens 3C13-3
115 Censorship at San Juan 1943 John Wilson 3C13-3
120 WWII - GB - Ministry of Information Censor Graham Mark 3A9-1
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