Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG Bulletin 206 April 2020-3.pdf

Page Title Authors Index
41 Goscinny and Uderzo: A Storix (Editor's Notes) Laurent Le Grel
42 Library and Membership Notes Graham Mark
44 Egyptian censorship inscriptions Graham Mark 4B1-1
45 Feedback on Netherlands WWII (eBay nuggets) Hans van der Horst 3A14
47 Un-cataloged WWI Censor Label and Hand Stamp from Calcutta India Robert Gray 1D4-1
49 “Why Bermuda?”: How the British came to censor American transatlantic mail at Bermuda during WWII Jen Rigdon Teter 3C10-3
53 DETAIN and CONDEMNED Resealing Labels during the Bermuda Censor Station’s Transition to Imperial Censorship (IC) Status Louis Fiset 3C10-3
59 Unrecorded PC 1 label on a 1942 cover originating in Dominica David Mui 3C10-6
60 Diplomatic mail certified for posting overseas - Australia Gavin Fryer 3E1-1-1
60 Gibraltar 1939 (Dec 27th) Censored Airmail to USA via Lisbon Colin Searle 3A6
61 The Revd Richard Petermann interned in India, 1915-16 Graham Mark 1D4-4
64 Hong-Kong Type 7F - New earliest known date Gavin Fryer 3D1-5
65 An unusual postage due charge because of routing and/or censorship? Gunnar Jessen 3A5-2-1 & 3A8-1
66 WWII – GB to ICRC Geneva with a questionable label Charles Leonard 3A8-1
66 Unusual PC 90 Label Peter Burrows 3A8-1
67 WWI Seized by the French Censors in London Graham Mark 1A5-1 & 1A7-1
68 New WWI PC Slips Peter Burrows 1A7-1
69 eBay Nuggets 5 - GB WWII Dann Mayo 3A8-1
70 eBay Nuggets 5 - French Occupation of Castelorizo, 1917 Dann Mayo 1A5-3
71 eBay Nuggets 5 - Germany-US 1941 Is There a Spook at Work Here? Dann Mayo 3A3-5
72 eBay Nuggets 5 - Last Clipper Flight FAM 19 from Auckland 25 Nov 1941 Dann Mayo 3E1-1-1& 3E1-4-1
74 New British PC forms (cont. on p. 79) Peter Burrows 3A8-1
75 Canadian Mystery Peter Burrows 3C10-18
76 eBay Nuggets 5 - Japan WWI (???) Dann Mayo 1D6-1 & 1A14-1
76 eBay Nuggets 5 - Ceylon WWI Dann Mayo 1D2
77 eBay Nuggets 5 - US, WWII – Early San Francisco Dann Mayo 3C9-1
79 New British PC forms (cont. from p. 74) Peter Burrows 3A8-1
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