Auction 205 Lot Listing

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Auction 205 Lot Listing

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2 CEYLON 1902 Diyatalawa comp censor handstamp on cover from Eugene Dűrr, a German, to his wife. Durr was captured near Bethlehem, OFS, on July 15, 1900. He was transported to Ceylon aboard the SS Dilwara (More) £40.00

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CCSG Auction No. 205
Closing Date for bids Tuesday 3rd March 2020


NOTE This auction priced in POUNDS STERLING, with overseas winners invoiced in Dollars or Euros


For the auction rules see CCSG Bulletin 157, except clause 10 have been revised to read “Bids must be made in POUNDS STERLING. The winning bid will be at the reserve or one increment above the second highest bid.”

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Material for future auctions always welcome

Abbreviations: AM = air mail, b/s = backstamped, bcm = blue crayon mark of US Censorship at bottom left, c. = cover, cld = cancelled, co3s = cover opened out 3 sides, (CoA) = Coat of Arms, CS = Censor Station, fkd = franked, h/s = handstamp, m/s = manuscript, nc = not censored, o/w = otherwise, pbt = plain brown tape, pc = postcard, pm = postmark, ppc = picture postcard, ps = postal stationery, RX = International Red Cross, s = surface mail, sf = serif letters, s/l = single line, st = resealing label slit open, t = censor re-sealing tape/label, w/ = with, w/o = without, [ .. ] = CCSG type numbers.
The number after the description [xxx] is the vendor’s reference.
Quality: XF = extra fine, VF = very fine, F = fine, VG = very good, G = good, P = poor.

Lot # Description Reserve in GB£

1 BURMA – GB PACIFICATION PERIOD 1892 (Jan 7) Plain envelope together with letter to Bromsgrove written from Theyetmyo Upper Burmah from 6365 Pte G. H. Housman "E" Coy, 4th Battalion K.R.R.C. (Kings Royal Rifle Corps) bearing India 9p tied with pen X strokes & with envelope correctly drawn up and countersigned by Commanding Officer for soldiers concession rate with endorsement on back "Having promised to post the letter, I mislaid it, I am sorry to say. Hoping that the delay has no serious result, I remain a comrade of Houseman's” & initialled Some age stains but an excellent, legible & literate letter from a private soldier inc. "Transferred from Quartermasters Stores to Orderly Room, so now am Colonels, instead of Quartermasters, clerk, same pay but better post & will become conversant with internal workings of a Regiment" [2512] £325.00
2 CEYLON 1902 Diyatalawa comp censor handstamp on cover from Eugene Dűrr, a German, to his wife. Durr was captured near Bethlehem, OFS, on July 15, 1900. He was transported to Ceylon aboard the SS Dilwara (More) £40.00
3 CEYLON - US 1902 bit faint Ragama Camp censor handstamp on Times of Ceylon wrapper front (only, no back; small part of text removed at bottom left corner) addressed to B. Wilson, Esq. Butch Wilson is listed as an American POW in Ceylon in 1902 ... c-Ch00Nwr_£v=snippet&q=ceylon&f=false and the Anglo-Boer War Museum's database has him as the only Wilson with first name beginning with B in its POW database. ... n&opt=dset Scarce item as there were not a lot may be 300) of Americans fighting with the Boers, much less captured by the British (Photo) £20.00
4 CHINA / MANCHURIA – JAPAN RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR 1905 (Apr 25) [38.4.25.] Pictorial illustrated envelope together with letter to Japan from Japanese 1st Army in Manchuria cancelled 1st Army FPO No 4 cds. This FPO closed end of July 1905 [2514] £80.00
5 CHINA / MANCHURIA – JAPAN RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR 1905 (Apr 30) [38.4.30.] Pictorial Military letter sheet showing Japanese flag to Japan from soldier with Japanese 2nd Army in Manchuria cancelled 2nd Army FPO No 10. Following the capture of Tieh-ling, Japanese troops continued the march northwards & occupied Tang-Shih on 13 April & Ying-Ching the following day and so continued to push the Russians back towards Kirin. [2513] £50.00
6 INDIA – GB MILITARY MAIL with 3 COLOUR FRANKING 1867 (Apr 30) Plain envelope with letter from Lieut. Charles Harluc to his sister at Goring Rectory Hall near Reading, bearing 3 colour franking 4a + 2a & 8p tied Lucknow date stamp with red framed India Paid & on reverse Agra (date unclear) + Travelling Post Office / NWP / C (1 May) + Bombay (6 May) transit & Reading (3 Jun) arrival cds Complete with typed transcript of letter [2517] £65.00
7 INDIA – GB MILITARY MAIL 1881 (Jan 25) Mourning envelope with edge wear together with letter to Falmouth with pencil annotation "Royal Welsh Fusiliers" & letter headed "Camp Soormarpoor" written whilst on the march bearing ½a & 4a tied Square of Bars A-1/2 (Martin type 17d) canceller with manuscript 25/1/81 date within horizontal pen strokes & on back Sumerpur (25 Jan) + Outw / Bombay (29 Jan) transit & Falmouth (17 Feb) arrival cds [2503] £65.00
8 INDIA - CHANNEL Is. SOLDIERS LETTER 1902 (Feb 12) Plain envelope to St. Helier, Jersey C.I. endorsed from Pte Eden, 1st Devon’s bearing QV 1a tied smudged Shahjahanpur cds & with on reverse Jersey [2 Mar] arrival cds [2501] £25.00
9 INDO CHINE – FRANCE TONKIN OCCUPATION 1901 (Apr 4) Plain stampless envelope to Paris endorsed along top Corps Occupation Du Ton Kin cancelled Hanoi / Tonkin cds & with alongside Tonkin / Corps Expedit (4 Apr) date stamp & with faint circular Unit cachet in blue [2492] £65.00
10 INDO CHINE – FRANCE TONKIN OCCUPATION 1901(Jul 10) Plain stampless envelope to Paris endorsed along top Corps Occupation Du Ton Kin cancelled Hanoi / Tonkin d/s & with alongside Tonkin / Corps Expedit [10 Jul] d/s & with faint circular Unit cachet in blue [2494] £50.00
11 INDO CHINE-FRANCE TONKIN NAVAL OCCUPATION 1903(Aug 2) Plain stampless envelope to Paris endorsed along top Division Navale d'Extreme Orient cancelled Corps Exp. Tonkin / Ligne N.4 d/s & with circular Marine Francaise / Service a la Mer h/s with Anchor in centre in black [2493] £65.00
12 JAPAN - FRENCH MILITARY ATTACHÉ 1903 (Mar 23card)Japan 1½ sen Stationary card being a pre-printed invitation bilingual addressed in manuscript to Lt. Col. Baron Corvisart who was the French Military Attaché to Japan & acted as an Observer during the Russo-Japanese War from the German Admiral to visit aboard S.M.S. Hansa cancelled vernacular Tokyo cds [2521] £60.00
13 JAPAN - FRENCH MILITARY OBSERVER RUSSO-JAP WAR 1904 (Dec 17) Yokohama Piano & Organ Warehouse printed illustrated 1½ sen postcard showing man reading music to Baroness Corvisart cancelled Yokohama cds & with interesting message "My tuner called twice at your residence, but was not admitted. Do you wish to give up the yearly tuning engagement? If not kindly let me know when it suits best to have the piano tuned. At this time her husband Lt. Colonel Baron Corvisart was acting as French Military Observer with the Japanese 1st Army HQ at the Sha-Ho River in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese war so perhaps she had a little more on her mind than having the piano tuned!. [2522] £85.00
14 SIERRA LEONE – GB 1897 (Oct 20) 2nd West India Regt. crested envelope to Bury St. Edmunds bearing pair QV 2½d tied Freetown cds & with alongside black C within frame & below red circular PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR Packet / 2 NO 97 / 5A & on reverse Bury St. Edmunds (4 Nov) arrival cds [2516] £95.00
15 SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC / NATAL 1900 ZAR and British censor tapes on cover from Pretoria 10 FE 00 to a recently captured Boer Prisoner, “Petrus Erasmus, c/o Governor, Central Gaol, PM Burg, Natal, back stamped Corr. Amb. Lourenco Marques 9 MR, Durban 24 MR and Pietermaritzburg 28 MR. As noted in the July 2018 CCSG Bulletin, “Petrus Johannes Ernst Erasmus was captured near Acton Homes, Natal, on January 18, 1900. Without a POW camp to send him to, jail seemed a logical alternative. He was transported to Ceylon on the SS Dilwara.” Cover with central vertical fold, otherwise fine (More) £50.00
16 SOUTH AFRICA – AUSTRALIA 1901 (Jul 24) Rule Britannia Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1900-01 Commemorative Post Card with inset portrait of Ex- President Kruger, S.A.R. to Marrickville / N.S.W. bearing Transvaal 1d Overprinted E.R.I tied unclear Field Post Office / British Army S. Africa (26 Jul) cds & with on face crisp Petersham N.S.W. & Marrickville N.S.W. cds both dated 3 Sep. Nice clean item presumably from Australian contingent [2484] £50.00
17 SOUTH AFRICA [NURSES MAIL] 1901(Aug 16) 1d Transvaal printed Stationary postcard to Cape Town from Alice No 2 Section 19 General Hospital Pretoria w/nice message about collecting for Bazaar & cancelled smudged Army Post Office / 8? / South Africa d/s & with partial triangular Pretoria censor h/s in red & Pretoria / Transvaal [17 Aug] arrival d/s [2487] £20.00
18 SOUTH AFRICA BOER WAR TRANSVAAL to NATAL - CONSULAR MAIL 1901 (Nov 8) Plain envelope with vertical crease & rumples to right side to Mauder & Auerswald, Agents German East Afrika Line, Durban with violet unframed On Consular Service bearing Transvaal 1d Ovptd E.R.I. tied weak Johannesburg belted cds & with large part black oval PASSED PRESS CENSOR / JOHANNESBURG & also violet circular KAISERLICH DEUTSCHES KONSULAT / JOHANNESBURG with Arms in Centre & on rev another strike across flap with Durban / Natal (16 Nov) arrival cds [2498] £40.00
19 S.W.A. – GERMANY GERMAN FORCES during HERERO WAR 1905 (Apr 14) Plain printed stampless Feldpost card to Frankfurt cancelled WARMBAD / DEUTSCH / SUDWESTAFRIKA (25 Apr) cds & with Frankfurt / Oder 1 (22 May) arrival. Herero war commenced 12 Jan 1904 when the Hottentot tribe rise & kill 123 German soldiers & settlers near Okahandja, the revolt is suppressed in Nov 1905 after Witbooi dies but did not officially end until Mar 1908 [2534] £25.00
20 SUDAN - AUSTRALIAN N.S.W. MINIATURE NEWSPAPER 1885 (Mar 3) Official Illustrated Number "The Echo" to Commemorate the Departure of the New South Wales Troops for the Soudan printed miniature newspaper that opens to show Parade of Contingent at Victoria Barracks, SS Iberia, Gordons residence & Officers of the Contingent. Has a few age stains & splits but a rare item connected with the small Australian contingent who served in the Soudan campaign [2496] £120.00
21 THAILAND – GERMANY 3rd ISSUE 4 Atts (PC-0008) RAMA V DOUBLE REPLY STATIONARY CARD 1902 (Feb 4) King Chulalongkorn 3rd issue 4 Att Double Reply Stationary card to German soldier Lieutenant Doje, 157th Infantry Regt., Allenstein cancelled all English Bangkok / 2b cds with belted Allenstein (8 Mar) arrival & with Reply section unused and intact [2520] £32.00
22 THAILAND – GERMANY 3rd ISSUE 4 Atts (PC-0007) RAMA V STATIONARY CARD 1902 (Apr 5) King Chulalongkorn 3rd issue 4 Att Stationary card to German soldier Lieutenant Doje, 157th Infantry Regt., Allenstein cancelled all English Bangkok / 2b cds & with belted Allenstein (6 May) arrival [2519] £20.00
23 TOGO – GERMANY GERMAN COLONIES 1904 (Mar 12) Togo 5pf Stationary card to Strassberg tied Klein-Popo cds with second strike alongside & with Strasburg [31 Mar] arrival cds [2533] £25.00

24 AUSTRALIA – GERMANY C1916 Service Des Prisonniers De Guerre printed envelope to Flensburg from German POW in Trial Bay Camp with violet unframed R S Sands Lieut. Col. / GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMP / LIVERPOOL, N.S.W. & framed PASSED BY / CENSOR S.D. overlaid by circular Auslandstelle Emmerich / Frei / Gegeben German handstamp [2526] £85.00
25 CHINA - JAPAN JAPANESE OCCUPATION FORCES at TSINGTAO 1915 (May) [4.5.18] Coloured stampless picture postcard entitled "Tsingtao Badestrand" to Fukuka Prefecture from soldier Ishibashi cancelled Japanese vernacular Tsingtao FPO & with orange framed Military Mail (in Japanese) with below self censored oval chop of Ishibashi himself [2527] £65.00
26 DENMARK - SWEDEN 1917 (Jun 9) Plain stampless envelope to Stockholm endorsed from POW in Hald Edge Nr Viborg camp cancelled KRIGSFANGELEJR / No2 / DANMARK cds & with unframed violet krigsfangeforendelse & on reverse Stockholm (11 Jun) arrival [2524] £80.00
27 EGYPT - GB 1915 (Jul 3) Black & white stampless post card entitled Port Said - Le Port to Kirkcudbright cancelled Field Post Office / TLL cds located Port Said & with red circular PASSED BY CENSOR / INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE / 73 hand stamp. A scarcer FPO cancel [2507] £40.00
28 EGYPT - ADEN 1915 (Dec 31) Egypt 1m Stationary envelope Overprinted 2 M to Eastern Telegraph Co., Perim, Red Sea cancelled belted bi-lingual Mina El Basn cds & with violet cogwheel PASSED CENSOR / No A 9 / PERIM & on reverse Port Taufic (1 Jan 16) Aden (14 Jan) transits & Perim (15 Jan) arrival cds. Scarce [2530] £200.00
29 GB - HOLLAND 1914 (Sep 2) pre addressed printed envelope to Surinaamsche Bank, Amsterdam bearing GV 2½d tied London machine date stamp & with BLACK ON PINK Arms / OPENED BY / CENSOR label - Mark type 1 who records 35 examples as at July 1999 [2510] £40.00
30 GB - DENMARK 1916 (Apr 13) Fruhling & Goschem, London printed envelope Registered to Copenhagen bearing GV 2d & 2½d tied oval Registered / Throgmorton Avenue B.O. E.C date stamp with R / London E.C. 134 / No 3 registration label & with black on dirty green OPENED BY / CENSOR label with on reverse Kobenhavn (22 Apr) arrival Cds. SCARCE Black on dirty green Mark type 23 labels are very elusive with only a few recorded [2497] £80.00
31 GB - FRANCE FRENCH MILITARY MISSION to LONDON 1917 (Feb 19) Envelope to Paris bearing GV 2 x 1d & ½d tied London date stamp & with violet circular R.F. MINISTERE DE L'ARMEMENT DES FABRICATIONS DE GUERRE / MISSION / des / POUDRES / t / EXPLOSIFS / a / LONDRES & on reverse another better strike across flaps & Paris (21 Feb) arrival cds [2491] £65.00
32 GB - USA 1917 (Aug 22) envelope carelessly opened along top to New York bearing GV 1d with BLUE ON WHITE OPENED BY / CENSOR label with blue crayon P2186 added This is Mark type 24B who records as at 2000 only five examples used between 13 Jun - 8 Oct 1917 [2531] £65.00
33 GB - SWITZERLAND 1918 (May 4) GV 3d brown Registered envelope to Grenohen up rated with additional ½d & 1d tied oval Registered / Hatton Gardens London & with blue on white R / London E.C.5 / No 461 registration label & OPENED BY CENSOR / 4910 label [Imprint (2317.) Wt. W2561/59. 20m 12/17. P.P.Ltd] & on reverse Grenohen / Solothurn [11 May] arrival cds [2490] £40.00
34 KENYA - GB 1916 (Jun 15) Plain stampless envelope to 9th Batt. The BLACK WATCH, Cheriton, Kent & forwarded to Sherborne, Dorset & then London endorsed OAS & cancelled NAIROBI / BRIT EAST AFRICA of civil office & censored by the military with square PASSED BY / Crown / No 3333 / CENSOR with Cheriton / Folkestone (13 Jul) + Sherborne (14 Jul) transit cds all on front. Despite wear to edges an unusual & scarcer item from Civil Office censored by Military [2535] £105.00
35 MOROCCO - FRANCE 1914 (Nov 8) Plain envelope registered to Paris from Secretariat Bureau of Troops at Rabat bearing Maroc overprinted Protectorat Fraincais 5c, 10c & 25c tied Tresor et Postes / Rabat cds & with red on white R / No 26 registration label with black Rabat T & P inserted & with violet circular Artillerie des Troupes Auxillaires Marocaines / Le Commandant & reverse Paris 114 (16 Nov) arrival cds [2508] £50.00
36 MOROCCO – FRANCE 1916 (Feb 21) Plain stampless envelope to St. Etienne with along the top blue unframed Confins Algero-Marocains (Region Nord) / Poste de Berkane & cancelled Mohammed ou Berkane / Maroc cds & with blue circular Cercle des Beni Snassen / Place de Berkane with Liberty in centre & on reverse Saint Etienne / Loire (29 Feb) arrival cds [2505] £25.00
37 SAMOA - SWITZERLAND 1918 (Mar 11) Plain envelope registered to Berne bearing NZ 6d & ½d Overprinted SAMOA tied Apia & with blue on white R/No 1828 / APIA, SAMOA registration label & partial green framed PASSED BY / CENSOR / 3 / SAMOA & on reverse San Francisco (2 Apr) New York (7 Apr) transit date stamps & black oval OUVERT / 204 / Par l'AUTORITE MILITAIRE of French censorship & BERN / BRIEFTRAGER [6 May) arrival [2528] £60.00
38 SOUTH AFRICA printed POW cover return addressed Main Camp, A6, with unusual PASSED BY CENSOR tape (black on salmon) on back, PASSED BY CENSOR and boxed POSW handstamps on face (More) £10.00
39 SOUTH AFRICA - FRANCE - GB 1918 (Apr 5) Plain envelope registered to Pte G. G. McKenzie No 6666, K Coy, South African Scots, sent to France & returned with red ink C/O S.A. Records, 15 Victoria St. London 27/5/18 scribbled through & directed to Fulham Military Hospital & again to Lyon House, Brentford, bearing GV definitive 4d & 1d tied Boksburg cds & with black framed R Boksburg / No with 498 inserted in blue crayon & on reverse oval registered / London (13 May] + FPO 15W & APO R9 (15 May) + Registered Paddington & Registered SWDO (29 May) + Registered Hammersmith (30 & 31 May) transit & Brentford (1 Jun) arrival date stamps [2518] £40.00
40 SOUTH AFRICA to OVERSEAS DESTINATIONS 1915 - 18 Group 3 (2 ppc + envelope) bearing 1d or envelope pair 1d & ½ & all with various coloured circular Passed Censor hand stamps & all with arrival date stamps [1] ppc "Monuments in Town Gardens, and Post Office, Durban (6 Mar 18) to Reus, Spain (4 May 18) [2] ppc "Eloff Street, Showing Carlton Hotel, Johannesburg" Potchefstroom (1 Nov) to Havana, Cuba (21 Dec) & [3] Plain envelope Cape Town (Jun 15) to Funchal, Madeira (31 Jul 15). 3 items [2423] £35.00
41 USA - GB 1916 (Nov 10) Plain envelope to London bearing Franklin pair 1c tied New Haven Conn machine date stamp & with Blue on White OPENED BY / CENSOR label with blue crayon P1400 added. This is Mark type 24A who records as at 2000 eleven examples between 31 Oct 1916 - 28 Mar 1917 [2532] £60.00
42 USA 1917 (Apr 13) Plain envelope to Providence, Rhode Is. endorsed on reverse from soldier 13th Division bearing Washington 2c tied mute circular 4 ring cancel & with bold & superb blue unframed April 13, 1917 / Passed by the Censor. USA declared war on Germany 6 April 1917 this is very early & a bit of a mystery as according to the Internet 13th Division was not yet formed see ... ted_States) [2523] £65.00

43 CHINA – GB (MANCHURIA KIRIN & HEILUNGKIANG BANK MAIL) 1928 (May 2) The FAR EASTERN BANK (DALBANK) printed pre-addressed envelope Registered via Siberia to Bank for Russian Trade Ltd, London EC2 bearing 2nd Peking printing of Junk 6c & Reaper 20c both Overprinted for use in the North Eastern Provinces of Kirin & Heilungkiang as well as Liaoning the 3rd province of Manchuria (SG 8 & 15) tied Harbin Divided Circle & with red on white generic Registration label No 18507 with framed Harbin inserted & on reverse violet circular Cyrillic vernacular Russian handstamp & red hooded Registered / London EC / 58 (14 May) arrival. These are scarce adhesives commercially used [2500] £125.00
44 CROATIA – GB ITALIAN OCCUPATION of DALMATIA 1924 (Aug 1) Coloured picture postcard entitled "Costumi Dalmati del circonderio di Zara" to London bearing Italy King Victor Emmanuel 111 single 60c tied Zara cds used during the Italian occupation period [2495] £55.00
45 FRANCE - SPANISH CIVIL WAR REFUGEE WORK BATTALION 1939 (Aug 11) plain envelope to S.E.R.E. Paris from Francisco Timenez , 5 Cie. Travailleurs Espagno's Par Vallore bearing 90c Overprinted F tied St. Michel de Maurienne / Savoie cds & with on back Paris (12 Aug) arrival cds [2504] £50.00
46 GB – AUSTRIA 1919 (Sep 10) Plain envelope to Scheruns bearing GB 1½ Perfin CLC tied Coolsdon cds & with black six sided T handstamp & Austrian 20h Overprinted Deutschosterreich POSTAGE DUE alongside tied Scheruns cds. Scarcer early Republic item [2509] £50.00
47 IRAQ – GB 1919 (Apr 23) Plain envelope with portion back flap gone registered to Lingfield with plain R 3 registration label with Indian F.P.O. 101 hand stamp inserted & bearing on back India 2a tied F.P.O. / No 101 cds located Basra-Makina & with oval Registered 18 / London (24 May) transit date stamp [2515] £100.00
48 SPAIN - CIVIL WAR 1937 (Jan 9) Plain envelope used locally within Lugo bearing 30c & with 10c RED CROSS HOSPITAL patriotic label alongside tied Germade / Lugo cds & on reverse Apartados / Lugo (11 Jan) arrival cds [2506] £28.00
49 SPAIN – GB SPANISH CIVIL WAR-NATIONALISTS 1937 (Aug 20) Antonio Cortes Llado, Sevilla printed envelope with a couple of edge rumples to Glasgow bearing Isabel 20c & 30c Overprinted Viva Espana Franco Queipo in red & blue respectively together with 5c Pro Sevilla all tied smudged Sevilla slogan machine & with violet framed SEVILLA / CENSUR MILITARevilla / Censur Militar [2488] £40.00
50 SPAIN – DENMARK SPANISH CIVIL WAR AIRMAIL FORWARDED to GERMANY 1938 (Jul 18) Plain envelope to Copenhagen & forwarded in black ink to Tyskland bearing 3 x 1p, 50c & 25c tied Correo Aereo / Barcelona date stamp & with plain grey/blue resealing label tied blue framed REPUBLICA ESPANOLA / CENSURA & on reverse Paris Aviation / Etranger (22 Jul) slogan & on face Kobenhavn (23 Jul) transit cds [2489] £65.00

51 AUSTRALIA - GB 1940 (Feb 5) Plain envelope by airmail to Tunbridge Wells bearing Lyre Bird 1/- + Queen Elizabeth pair 1d + GV1 pair 2d making 1/6 rate tied GPO Sydney/Air cds & with red on white Opened By Censor / 2 dot label tied unframed violet Passed by Censor / S.4 hand stamp Attractive& very visual item flown on the Empire route that was terminated shortly afterwards on 10 June [2218] £8.00
52 AUSTRALIA - FRANCE 1945 (Jul 5) Printed airmail envelope to Paris from FRENCH INFORMATION SERVICE in Australia bearing Hermes 1/6 tied Sydney machine cancel & with partial red on white 2 OPENED BY CENSOR label tied smudged violet framed 2 PASSED BY CENSOR 1451 handstamp with red distorted framed O.A.T. handstamp [2129] £25.00
53 AUSTRALIA 1941 (17 November, airmail cover with District 1 censor, from Pialba, Qld., docketed Australia-New Zealand-United Kingdom via America per Clipper, ranked 5/10d including a 5/ Robes. Carried Sydney to Auckland by TEAL, then on the last Clipper flight to the US (departed Auckland 25 November). A very nice 2-0cean Clipper cover (More) (More) £50.00
54 BELGIUM - GERMANY - PORTUGAL 1943 illustrated Publibel postal card (medicine: Aspro) with German censor handstamp to Undercover Address, rua Terreiro do Trigo, Lisbon (Office de la Correspondence Familial). Message of thanks for shipment of fish in oil. Manuscript notation on back “Mr. Lacy[?], rua Marques da Fronteira 8, Lisbon” which is another undercover address connected with the Belgian Consulate in Alberta, Canada . Attractive and unusual (More) £30.00
55 BELGIUM – GERMANY - PORTUGAL 1944 (Jan), postal card with German censor handstamp to Undercover Address OCA, Rua do Loreto 10, Lisbon (cards forwarded to Belgian Embassy, London) (More) £20.00
56 BELGIAN CONGO - SOUTH AFRICA 1942 (May 18) British Overseas Airways Corporation, Leopoldville printed Airmail envelope scored through in ink to Graboun, Cape from Belgian Marine R. Piat, B.P. 342, Leo, bearing air 1936 Airmail issue Surcharged 3.50f on 3f tied Leopoldville cds & with Censure / Congo Belge label tied unframed black 20 handstamp & on reverse Leopoldville despatch (18 May) cds & Graboun (26 May) arrival cds [2483] £27.00
57 BRAZIL - FRANCE 1939 (Dec) airmail cover from Brazil to one Manoel Fortes Taboada, Campo de Gurs, Grupo Latino Americano, with white paper tape at left tied by CENSURE MILITAIRE handstamp,and plain brown paper tape at right not tied by anything. This cover is shown and discussed on the CCSG website at viewtopic.php?f=73&t=267 It appears that the addressee was a member of the Republican Army, not the International Brigades. In May 1939 Camp de Gurs held 27 Brazilians; in June 1939 that had risen to 34 (More) (More) £50.00
58 BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS - NEW ZEALAND 1944 (Aug 18) Plain stampless envelope to Wellington from NZ413575 F/O McDonald cancelled partial RNZAF / C / NZAPO cds allocated to 55 NZ RADAR UNIT between 13 Aug 43 to 12 Oct 45 & with framed violet Censored / RNZAF tied manuscript Censored by Signature F/O, RNZAR [1940] £15.00
59 CANADA 1941 (May, June), 2 covers from Shanghai to William Kőnig, Camp N, each with same Int. Op. Censor handstamp but 2 different types of Canadian censor tape (More) £45.00
60CANADA 1941 incoming cover from Brazil to Siegfried Weil, Camp N, with Int. Op and civil censors, and Base APO back stamp. Weil arrived in GB as a refugee in 1939, where he was housed in Kitchener Camp. He was trans-ported to Canada on the SS Ettrick on 3 July 1940. ... documents/ (More) £20.00
61CANADA 1941 incoming cover from Brazil to Erwin Brauner, Camp N, with Int. Op. and civil censors, and Base APO back stamp. Small tears at top (More) £15.00
62 CANADA - NETHERLANDS 1939 (Dec 2) Plain envelope registered to Amsterdam bearing Memorial Chamber Parliament Buildings 10c & GV1 Definitive 5c tied Montreal P.O. 13 Westmount cds & with green framed R / Montreal P.O. Westmount / No hand stamp with 50 inserted, above is black unframed 9587 & below PASSED FOR EXPORT / VISE POUR ENVOI A L'EXTERIEUR (CCSG H3 [H2])& on right EXAMINED BY / CENSOR / C. 31 (CCSG CL 5.1) & on reverse Montreal P.O. 13 Westmount (2 Dec) despatch + Montreal 14 Canada (2 Dec) + Montreal Canada 17 / B.&ADM (2 Dec) + Montreal Canada 20 / B.&ADM (5 Dec) transit cds [2123] £12.00
63 CANADA - St. PIERRE & MIQUELON 1943 (Dec 29) Plain envelope to Montreal bearing 1.50f tied dotted circular St Pierre & Miquelon cds & with violet unframed Passed By Censor with ink DB/106 added [2525] £25.00
64 CHINA - JAPAN 1941 Japanese stampless Five pointed Star Military stationary card from Japanese soldier, Nakajama Butai with the occupation forces in Middle China with violet framed Censors hand stamp with orange oval chop of censoring officer inserted & with ink 16.8.1 = 1 August 41 arrival date [2529] £20.00
65 CUBA – GB 1944 (Aug 22) Printed airmail envelope with vertical crease & mathematic calculations on reverse to Mr. S. Loonstein, Royal Netherlands Brigade, P.O. Box 237, London E.C.1 (Undercover Address) bearing 1931 issue Airmail 30c & 15c plus ½c V for Victory tied Havana / Buy Cuban Sugar slogan & with violet 42mm circular REPUBLICA DE CUBA / MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA / No. 3 / PASADO handstamp (Stitch CU 1)+ transparent Examined By 31012 tape & PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 999 LABEL. Scarce triple censored item & scarce from here [2152] £22.00
66 CUBA - GB 1945 (Feb 6) Plain envelope by airmail to Pvt. S. Loonstein No 3498, Royal Netherlands Brigade "Princess Juliana", P.O. Box 237, London E.C.1 (Undercover Address) bearing 1931 issue Airmail 40c & 5c tied Havana / Buy Cuban Sugar slogan & with violet 42mm circular REPUBLICA DE CUBA / MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA / PASADO POR handstamp (Stich CU 2). Scarcer from here [2151] £15.00
67 CYPRUS - GB 1940 (Nov 11) Longer P. Lanitis & Co Ltd, Famagusta printed envelope to Ipswich bearing GV1 Kyrenia Harbour 1½p tied Famagusta / Cyprus d/s & with alongside Flying Godess SEASONS GREETINGS 1940 label & with Arms / Opened By Censor label [Type L-1] & circular Passed Censor / 30 / Cyprus h/s in red [1858] £16.00
68 ERITREA - SOUTH AFRICA 1944 (Jan 12) Barclay's Bank, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) overstruck violet Asmara hand stamp printed envelope registered to Barclay's Bank, Pretoria bearing GB GV1 1/- + 5d + 2½d & 1d all overprinted M.E.F. making 1/8½d rate tied Asmara cds & with corner marginal R /829 label with Asmara C inserted, violet circular = O = (CCSG V1A) & Enclosures Certified to be Official Bank Mail Only & on reverse Asmara (12 Jan) despatch cds [1890] £12.00
69 FIJI - AUSTRALIA 1944 (Mar 3) Printed longer airmail envelope by registered airmail to Sydney endorsed Fiji - New Zealand - Aust & with typed "Seen & Passed for Transmission by the / High Commissioner for the Western Pacific" & Signature below bearing 3d, 6d & 1/- tied Suva Fiji / Registered cds & with violet framed Suva / R No registered with black 2692 inserted & with / PC90 OPENED BY EXAMINER / X 114 & on reverse Suva Fiji. Registered (3 Mar) despatch & smudged Sydney (17 Mar) arrival cds [2502] £60.00
70 FRANCE - GB 1945 (Mar 5) Black edged mourning envelope scuffed & damaged censor label left side to Monsieur Pierre ole Noirandola, Royal Netherlands Brigade "Prinses Irene" P.O Box 237, London E.C.1 bearing France Liberation 4f tied Bordeaux wavy line machine cancel & with CONTROLE label tied green SCARCER pointed oval OUVERT PARLES / P.Am / AUTORITES DE CONTROLE & on reverse black 259 within 20mm circle. P.O. Box 237 was the undercover address to forward mails to the Free Dutch Army fighting with the Allies & Mourning covers are not often seen from WW2 [2179] £35.00
71FRANCE 1940 90c. Postal card with formula back for reporting family news. Postmarked Bordeaux to Pau with back filled out. INADMIS and REOUR L'ENVOYEUR; no censor markings. Small scuff on back (More) £6.00
72 FRENCH GUYANA 1940 local censor handstamp on back of cover from Cayenne to the Rosicrucian Fellowship in California (More) £10.00
73 GERMANY 1940 (Feb 10) Longer window envelope bearing Hindenburg 25pf tied Berlin cds & with on reverse Gepruft / Obercommando der Wehrmacht label tied red circular OKW Eagle Swastika hand stamp of the Berlin censor & with GB scarcer CCSG Type 2C hand stamped 6XXX series INTERIM OPENED BY / EXAMINER 6082 label [2133] £18.00
74 GERMANY – GB - FRANCE Ca. 1943 cover franked with France Sc. B134 (issued 10 Sept. 42) tied by undated Paris Centralisateur postmark, from Henri Bloch, Camp Norderney, par Cherbourg, to his wife in Paris. (A November 1943 cover addressed to Henri Bloch at Norderney was offered at ... -weltkrieg.) Lager Norderney was one of 4 labour comps built by Organization Todt on Alderney in January 1942. In March 1943 control of this camp and its sister camp, Lager Sylt, passed to SS Baubrigade 1 and these camps were made sub-camps of KL Neuengamme. As such, these were the only German concentration camps operated in British territory. The sender's religious status is not totally clear to me. “The first French Jews arrived in Norderney in July 1943” ... ation-camp / Ken Lawrence reported that there were 800 of these Jewish deportees, “many married to Gentiles.” ... -7/page-9/ That Henri is writing to his wife in Paris suggests that he may have been one of these Jewish deportees with a Gentile wife. Lawrence further wrote: “The French Jews were ordered back to the European mainland in May 1944, destined for the Neuengamme concentration camp. Belgian resistance fighters intercepted their transport, blew up the railway line, freed the captives, and protected them at Dixmuide until liberation” It is known that Henri Bloch survived the war. ... f/http.pdf (page 8). I have seen various figures for the number of covers known from Norderney Camp. Based on these, my best guess is that the total is between 12 and 20 (More) £100.00
75 GERMANY 1945 Űberroller cover. Window envelope with Hitler stamp postmarked Sonderhausen 31 March 45 and occupation censor handstamp and cellotape. No back stamps (More) £15.00
76 GREAT BRITAIN - SWITZERLAND 31 August 1939 cover sent to St Gall from London EC with PC 66 Opened by Censor #293 type D label – earlier than recorded by Konrad [GM] £12.00
77 GREAT BRITAIN 1941 (June) airmail Expresse postal card from Switzerland to Manor Farm, Tingrith with British censor handstamp. Text in German. This farm has a strong Jewish / Zionist connection, for which see (“assorted notes from his years at Manor Farm (1938-1940), a residence in the United Kingdom to which he was brought by the Kindertransport.”) and ... 3a0f1e.pdf (“Hachshara(h) set up a training farm at Manor Farm, Tingrith, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire in 1928” pg. 98) Unfortunately, 2 punch homes in card, one through part of the 90c. Swiss stamp (More) £12.00
78 GB - SWITZERLAND 1942 (Nov 7) Plain envelope with back flap gone by airmail to Berne bearing pair GB GV1 2½d tied BLACKED OUT place of origin machine cancel & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 1119 label & photocopy of proving cover showing origin from Buisset Joseph, c/o P.O. Post Box 218, London which was Undercover address for Belgian Army [2128] £15.00
79 GB - USA 1942 (Nov 23) RAF crested envelope to Eugene Brominski, Detroit probably from a Free Polish Airman bearing GB GV1 2½d & ½d tied BLACKED OUT place of origin machine cancel & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 795 label [2189] £25.00
80 GB - COLOMBIA 1944 (Feb 21) Salvation Army Canadian Forces Overseas printed envelope to Belgian Consulate, Bogota, endorsed Via Northern Atlantic Service from Sgt. J. de Kepper BF 3477, P.B. 218, London bearing GB GV1 3d & 2/6 Green the 3d tied BLACKED OUT place of origin machine cancel & 2/6 with London F.S. cds & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 1119 label imprinted 51 - 1473 - G.W.D. with on reverse Correo Aereo / Bogota (7 Mar) arrival cds. P.O. Post Box 218, London was Undercover address for Belgian Army [2131] £50.00
81 GB - ALGERIA 1944 (Mar 26) Interesting plain envelope by airmail to Maurice Eelman, "Picture Post" c/o Tom Dupree, Office of Brit. Rep. with the French Committee of Liberation, Algiers with blue crayon underlining part of the address with the rest scored through in ink & forwarded c/o Direction de la Persse, 63 Rue d' Islay bearing GB GV1 definitive 3d & 1/- tied Cricklewood machine & with Orange on white EXAMINED BY CENSOR P. & C.B. label with blue crayon initials [2190] £25.00
82 GB - ALGERIA 1944 (May 15) Printed Air Letter with vertical crease to Algiers, French North Africa with manuscript Cherbourg Bag from Lieut. Mangin c/o Box 236, London E.C.1 bearing GB GV1 6d tied unclear London date stamp & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 7536 label imprinted 51 - 2103. G. & F. Ltd. Label. P.O. Post Box 236, London was Undercover address for Free French Air Force [2145] £15.00
83 GB - BELGIUM 1945 (Jan 29) GB GV1 2d printed stationary post card with crease uprated with additional GV1 ½d tied Seaford, Sussex, date stamp to Bureau de Police, Binche from Finet Alexandre, P.O. Box 218, London E.C.1 (Belgian Forces Undercover address) & with violet lozenge Crown PASSED / P.102 with initials inserted & with bold Bruxelles (9 Feb) transit cds [2134] £13.00
84 GB - COLOMBIA 1945 (Jul) Canadian YMCA printed envelope to Belgian Consulate, Bogota endorsed Via Northern Atlantic Service from Sgt. J. de Kepper BF 3477, P.B. 218, London bearing GB GV1 2 x 1/- & single 9d tied BLACKED OUT place of origin machine cancel & with PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 1050 label imprinted 51 - 1473 - G.W.D. with on reverse Correo Aereo / Bogota (23 Jul) arrival cds. P.O. Post Box 218, London was Undercover address for Belgian Army [2132] £45.00
85 GB - BELGIUM circa 1944 - 45 Plain envelope together with letter to Brussels from Jacques Goney 5053398, 5th Belgium Brigade, M. G. - Coy, Driffield, Yorkshire & with violet Crown over shield PASSED BY / CENSOR / No. 14302 hand stamp [2136] £18.00
86 GB - RUSSIA Circa 1945 Plain envelope by Bag to H. M. Embassy, Moscow, U.S.S.R. & endorsed "By Diplomatic Bag (Air) from Moscow" bearing GB GV1 ½d & 2d tied undated 30mm circular Reading / Berks rubber cancel & with violet lozenge Crown / PASSED / P. 211 handstamp [2130] £15.00
87 HUNGARY 1944 (Jan) Hungarian censor handstamp including 4th line továbbítható on registered cover to France with German censor tape. 2-page letter enclosed with chemical ink test swipes. Slightly rough at top and evenly aged (More) (More) £5.00
88 INDIA - GB 1941 (Aug 23) Imperial Bank of India Calcutta crested envelope by airmail to North of Scotland Bank Ltd, Aberdeen, bearing 1 Rupee & 1 Anna 10 tied Calcutta GPO / Reg / Air cds & with matching registration label R 933 + black triangular Passed By / Censor / A 7 + violet oval Imperial Bank of India / Despatching / Calcutta hand stamps & on reverse flaps sealed with 2 oval Imperial Bank of India / Calcutta red wax seals [2160] £15.00
89 INDIA - BURMA 1942 Plain worn looking envelope by airmail to Toungoo bearing India GV1 3½ anna tied smudged Calcutta cds & with lozenge & triangular Calcutta censors forwarded to Taunggyi in ink, blue crayon c/o THOS. COOK, Calcutta & again in red ink 226 Lower Circular Road all on face with on reverse Loikaw (30 Mar) Taunggyi (2 Apr) cds attempting to deliver then violet framed Thos. Cook & Son Ltd. / Mail Dept. / 6 May 1942 / Calcutta & black framed Elgin Road, Calcutta (27 May) hand stamps. Interesting item of failed delivery during this difficult period [2137] £15.00
90 INDIA – GB 1943 (May 16) Plain stampless envelope with opening faults on reverse to Portishead, Bristol from P. Gorrman, RAOC, 10549689 SEAC with faint Indian FPO 51 cds located Ranchi & violet framed Chinese Censored handstamp. This item was part of the China-Burma-India theatre of operations (C.B.I.) See :- [2485] £50.00
91 INDIA 194? Received Open / Sort handstamp (CCSG ty. 15M, 10 points) with Bombay DHC handstamp tying PC 90 tape on surface mail cover from Tcharbahar, Iran to US. Rubber band tear at top, otherwise fine (More) £15.00
92 ITALY - GERMANY 1943 printed Internee Free-Franked cover from Gulio (Julius) Hoffman at Lauria, with Potenza postmark and provincial censor, and handstamp, German censor (d code). Addressed to Berlin Philatelic Club, redirected a couple of times with Nicht Ermittelt back stamp. The Lauria camp and Hoffman are mentioned on pg. 438 of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopaedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945, see ... AHoECAkQAQ£v=onepage&q=%22lauria%22%20internment%20camp&f=false where the foreign Jewish population at Lauria was put at 41. Some edge wear and wrinkles, but a very nice item from a scarce location (More) £50.00
93 ITALY - USA 1940 (Mar 21) S.A. Innocente Mangili Adriatica, Monza, printed envelope by airmail to Messrs. Overton & Company, New York, endorsed By Airmail via Roma - Lisbona Clippper bearing Imperial Series definitives pair 1 lira + 2 x 1.25 lira & 5 lira making 9.5 lira rate tied Milano cds. Intercepted by British censors in Bermuda & with red on white PC 102 OPENED BY / CENSOR. / 69 label (Type CL 2) These P.C. 102 labels are scarce & Flynn in Intercepted in Bermuda records only 2 items of Examiner 69 used 22 July & 13 Sep 1940 this extending the earlier date & becoming the new earliest date [2103] £40.00
94 JAMAICA - HAITI INTER ISLAND MAIL 1941 (Oct 2) Plain envelope to Port Au Prince bearing GV1 Bananas 3d tied Kingston / Jamaica cds & with Red Fund label tied orange on white Opened By / Censor label & with violet 8 within circle censor hand stamp & on reverse partial Port Au Prince (2 Oct) arrival cds [2173] £10.00
95 JAMAICA - USA 1942 (May 14) Plain stampless envelope to Buffalo N.Y. from Italian POW 563 Filiberto Luzzi. Internment Camp, Jamaica, with violet oval Internment & P. of W. Camp / 14 May 1942 / Jamaica & with on face lozenge Crown / Passed / D 7 [1831] £12.00
96 JAMAICA - CANADA 1943 (Aug 29) Printed airmail envelope torn open top right damaging 1/- stamp registered to Pvt. Henri v.d. Wieken, Royal Dutch Troops in Canada, c/o Canadian Army Base Post Office, Ontario & forwarded in red crayon to Guelph from a family member in Camp Gibraltar bearing Jamaica 1/- & 3d tied oval Kingston - Jamaica / Registered (30 Nov) & with matching Registration label No 5498 & PC 90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER I.D. / 8823 label & on reverse Miami (2 Sep) + Ottawa, Canada (3 & 4 Sep) + Base A.P.O. CA?? (4 Sep) transit & Guelph Ont. (6 Sep) arrival cds. After France fell in 1940 it was felt the Germans could advance through Spain threatening Gibraltar & denying the Allies access to the Mediterranean. British authorities decided to evacuate as many as possible of the civilian population of Gibraltar to safer zones, mostly to the UK but on 25 Oct 40 a group of 1104 of these evacuees arrived at Kingston with a further 400 evacuees arriving Port Arthur on 15 Dec 40. These evacuees were deemed Wards of the Crown & were not allowed to follow crafts or professions for pay nor could they reside anywhere other than the camp. All the able males were mobilised into the Pioneer Corps & as such many acted as guards for the POW & Internment Camp. Ref. The Military Mail of Jamaica by Derek Sutcliffe 1982. Scarce item between family members [2150] £35.00
97 JAMAICA - GB 1943 (Nov 29) Printed airmail envelope with small piece gone bottom left registered to Pvt. Henri v.d. Wieken, Royal Dutch Troops, Post Box 237, London E.C.1 from a family member in Camp Gibraltar, endorsed Over Sea by New York & with R / Camp Gibraltar / No 3502 registration label & double censored with PC 90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 622 with blue crayon ID/ & on opposite side PC90 continuous Crown / OPENED BY / EXAMINER 5078 labels & bearing on reverse Jamaica 2 x 4d & single 3d tied Gibraltar Camp (1 Dec) cds + Kingston-Jamaica / Registered (6 Dec) Miami (9 Dec) + New York / Foreign (9 Dec) date stamps. After France fell in 1940 it was felt the Germans could advance through Spain threatening Gibraltar & denying the Allies access to the Mediterranean. British authorities decided to evacuate as many as possible of the civilian population of Gibraltar to safer zones, mostly to the UK but on 25 Oct 40 a group of 1104 of these evacuees arrived at Kingston with a further 400 evacuees arriving Port Arthur on 15 Dec 40. These evacuees were deemed Wards of the Crown & were not allowed to follow crafts or professions for pay nor could they reside anywhere other than the camp. All the able males were mobilised into the Pioneer Corps & as such many acted as guards for the POW & Internment Camp. Ref. The Military Mail of Jamaica by Derek Sutcliffe 1982. Scarce item between family members [2149] £35.00
98 KENYA - GB 1945 (Jan 2 & 15)) Pair A.F.W. 3078 C & Co (B) Ltd. Active Service green on buff Honour envelopes by airmail to London or Maidenhead bearing KUT 1/- & 30c or 1/- + 20c & pair 5c both tied E.A. / A.P.O. cds & with violet Crown over Shield Passed By / Censor / No 7871 both partly overlaid by framed Deputy Chief Field Censor / Received from APO / Date / Returned to APO / with date alongside & both back stamped EA APO 88 cds. Nice pair with small faults [2055] £25.00
99 MADAGASCAR 1945 (March) British Occupation censor tape CCSG ty. BLVb, ZB/1 on attractive airmail cover to stamp dealer N S Bashi in London (More) £12.00
100 MALAYA - USA 1940 (Mar 16) Sime, Darby & Co. Ltd., Penang, printed envelope with faults along top by airmail to American Presidential Lines Co., 29 Broadway, New York (Later to become Undercover address for Free Allied Dutch Merchant Ships) bearing Straits Settlements 2 x 5c & single 50c tied Penang cds & with violet unframed PASSED / FOR / TRANSMISSION (CCSG 3A) applied Singapore. [2069] £25.00
101 MALAYA 1941 bit faint triangular Singapore censor handstamp on merchant corner card cover from Kuala Lumpur. On back is advertisement for Brooklax Chocolate Laxative More £8.00
102 MEXICO 1944 local SCP 1 tape tied by handstamp 505, from internee Rud. Rudkowski in Perote internment camp to IRC, Geneva. Back faults More £10.00
103 NED. EAST INDIES - SWITZERLAND 1941 (Jan 2) Ned. Indies Red Cross printed airmail envelope to IRC Geneva bearing Wilhelmina 35c tied Perlanaan cds & with black on brown Door Censuur Geopend label tied red circular Het Nederlandsch Iniasche / Roode Kruis hand stamp [2172] £15.00
104 NEW CALEDONIA LOCAL MAIL WW2 stampless envelope with unclear cds used within Noumea with large violet framed France / Libre / Noumea / Nouvelle Caledonie with Cross of Lorraine above large V in centre plus circular Nouvelle Caledonie et Dependances hand stamps. New Caledonia sided with the Free French from 19 June 1940 [1944] £40.00
105 NEW CALEDONIA - SWITZERLAND Undated circa 1942-3 CROIX ROUGE FRANCAISE, COMITE de NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE printed airmail envelope to International Red X, Geneva bearing 20f & 1f cancelled 2 vertical pen strokes & with violet circular CENSURE ALLIEE / 10 / NOUVELLE CALEDONIE & with transparent US 1113 tape. 2 Ocean Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic mail. [2499] £65.00
106 PAPUA & N. G .- AUSTRALIA 1941 (Aug 15) Printed airmail envelope to Rockhampton, Queensland, bearing Papua 4d tied Port Moresby cds & with violet framed DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY / CONCESSIONAL RATE & PASSED / BY / UNIT CENSOR [2486] £50.00
107 PHILIPPINE Is - USA 1945 (Jun 24) plain envelope with slight trim along top from scissor opening to New York from Conde's Square Trading, Cathbalogen, bearing 6c Overprinted Victory / Commonwealth tied violet Catbalogan, Samar / Philippines Provisional cds with manuscript date 6/24/45 inserted in pencil & with plain transparent resealing tape with black C.C.D.-5 / Shield hand stamp used by USA Occupation forces [2171] £20.00
108 PORTUGAL - BELGIUM 1941 (Apr 5) Portuguese 1 esc printed Stationary card to Brussels from Rua Marques da Fronteira 8, Lisbon, which was the Undercover address for Free French forces in G.B. cancelled Estoril cds & with partial 34mm black circular Obercommando der Wehrmacht hand stamp. Normally mail is found addressed to Undercover address's, mail coming from is much scarcer to find [2146] £60.00
109 PORTUGAL - FRANCE 1942 (Apr 4) Plain envelope with creases & folds together with letter that is headed 11 Rua Actor Tallo, Lisbon, Persion Belges (Listed as a forwarding address for mail to occupied Belgium) by airmail to France & forwarded on arrival bearing pair Lusiadas drawing 1.75 Esc tied Lisbon cds & with "Controle" label tied pointed oval OUVERT PAR LES / WK 1 / AUTORITES DE CONTROLE of the Marseilles office & on reverse octagonal Lisboa (4 Apr) despatch date stamp. Unusual & interesting item [2122] £35.00
110 SOUTH AFRICA - GB 1943(Mar 4) Plain longer env to British Red Cross Society, Clarence House, St., James London, bearing Ship 2 x 1d plus Nurse 1d tied Johannesburg / B date stamp & with violet circular THE SOUTH AFRICAN RED CROSS SOCIETY with large Cross in centre [1859] £8.00
111 SPAIN - AUSTRIA 1944 (Mar 27) Hermann Schuffenhauer, Barcelona printed envelope with horizontal crease to Flug Kapitaen Kurt Vogel, Wien, bearing Air pair 1 pts & single 1943 Ano Santo 80c tied Barcelona date stamp & with brown re-sealing label tied green OKW Geoffnet (d) Eagle Swastika (Riemer D-21c) plus red boxed 5734 & 3203 within frames + unframed A + blue 42 within frame & 10 within circle hand stamps of German censorship & with on reverse Aereo / Barcelona (28 Mar) transit & black framed Censura Gubernativa / Barcelona [2175] £12.00
112 TAHITI - ALGERIA 1941 (Jan 18) Han Wo Lung crested envelope with some staining to right side addressed to Oran bearing Pair 50 f (one damaged) tied Uturoa Ise Raiatea cds & with black on buff Controle Postal Militaire label tied circular Controle / Postale / Ise Oceanie, partly overlaid by black on white "Controle" label & on opposite side PC90 Opened By / Examiner 4518 label & on reverse Papite / Ile Tahiti (21 Jan) transit slogan. Nice 3 country censored item to scarce destination from Uturoa, Ise Raiatea the 2nd largest of the Tahitian islands [1861] £15.00
113 TANGANYIKA-USA 1940 (Nov 15) Plain envelope to Springfield, Mi. bearing single 15c & 3 x 5c tied weak Mbeya cds & with boxed Passed / By Censor No 2 hand stamp & on reverse Dares Salam [26 Nov] transit cds [1927] £8.00
114 USA - NETHERLANDS 1940 (Feb 24) Central National Bank, Chicago printed longer envelope with vertical cease & bank name deleted & used privately by airmail to commercial address in Amsterdam bearing USA Winged Globe 30c tied Chicago duplex 2. Intercepted by British censors in Bermuda & with red on white PC 102 OPENED BY / CENSOR. / 62 label (Type CL 2). These 102 labels are scarce & Flynn in Intercepted in Bermuda records only one example of Examiner 62 used 18 March 1940, this is 3 weeks earlier & provides a date range [2101] £30.00
115 USA - HOLLAND 1940 (Mar 25) USA 3c Stationary envelope roughly opened right side & uprated with 2c Prexie tied Everson, Washington, duplex & intercepted by British with Interim Type 2 OPENED BY / EXAMINER label with manuscript 2342 added. These Interim labels were used during the transition from PC 66 labels to the commoner PC 90 label and are only found on mail during the first 4 months of 1940 [2147] £12.00
116 USA - HOLLAND 1940 (Mar 25) Plain envelope to Westzaan, a small town in Northern Holland with a population as at 2001 of only 2130, bearing USA Louisa Ann Alcott 5c tied Newburyport, Mass. date stamp & intercepted by British with Interim Type 1 OPENED BY / EXAMINER label with manuscript 2318 added. These Interim labels were used during the transition from PC 66 labels to the commoner PC 90 label and are only recorded on mail during the first few months of 1940 except for one rogue reported for 5 Oct 1940 [2148] £12.00
117 USA - HOLLAND 1941 (Nov 29) Printed airmail envelope with brown sealing strip untidily removed right side to Holland bearing USA Winged Globe 30c tied New Orleans / Sta. C duplex & intercepted by British in Bermuda with on left side PC90 OPENED BY / EXAMINER 2008 Form 167 with ink I.C. partly overlaid by transparent closing tape tied black framed pointing finger RETURN / TO SENDER / SERVICE SUSPENDED. Clearly caught up due to Pearl Harbour [2138] £15.00
118 USA - JAMAICA 1942 (Nov 20) Bank of Nova Scotia, New York printed envelope to Kingston & forwarded in blue crayon to Constant Spring bearing USA Win the War 3c tied New York machine date stamp & with unframed Returned for Additional Postage hand stamp in violet with USA Defence 2c added tied black Mute canceller & with PC90 Opened By / Examiner I.D. 8806 (CCSG L-10a) label with on reverse New York / Wall Street (2 Nov) + Half Way Tree / Jamaica (17 Dec) transit + Constant Spring / Jamaica (17 Dec) arrival cds - very attractive cover [1883] £12.00
119 USA - GB 1943 Pair Blidberg Rothechild Co. Inc., 80 Broad Street, censored envelopes both with faults by airmail to Messrs, Greek Shipping Committee, 71 Park Street, London, bearing damaged Prexie 30c tied New York N.Y. / Church Street Annex (5 Jun) & another to same address bearing nice Prexie strip 4 x 30c tied New York N.Y. / Sta P duplex (6 Aug)& both with PC 90 Opened By / Examiner 1340 labels. Greek Shipping Committee, 71 Park Street, London W.1 was the London office of Messrs. George Nicolaou Ltd. London W.1. housed Allied Governments in Exile and many other Covert offices, Agencies & Secret entities using undercover addresses with these showing mail connected to the exiled Greek government who provided the use of the Greek Merchant Shipping Lines & Agencies for the Allied war effort during the occupation of Greece [1966] £25.00
120 USA 1942 (Feb) military censor handstamp made from liquor bottle cork on cover from Fort Richardson. The more common “pagoda” type but here used unusually to tie ADC censor tape More £15.00
121 USA - NICARAGUA 1944 registered airmail cover from Granada, Nicaragua to Miami Beach, with stamp dealer corner card and patriotic corner card (text only). Censorship consists of plain brown tape under censorship tape with h/s 20008 and manuscript 20005. Back stamps are NY 8/19, then Miami 8/20. This cover should have come into the US at Miami, suggesting that the censor there transferred it to NY from which it was returned to Miami for delivery. Unusual and attractive More £5.00

122 CAMBODIA – FRANCE CAMBODIAN COUP of 1970 1970 -71 Group 3 Airmail envelopes to France bearing various adhesives to 10 riel all tied by Phnom Penh cds with the 2 dated 1970 (Sep 24 & Oct 27) having the 3 line red Censure / Cambodge Agresse Par Imperialistes / Vietcong et Nord-Vietnamiens that was only used for a brief period of 7 months (Ref: CCSG article Apr 2011 bulletin) & the other dated 1971 (Jul 17) having red 4 line hand stamp with the same wording. The coup refers to the removal on 18 Mar 1970 of the Head of State Norodom Sihanouk while he was away in Europe. Lon Nol who effectively became Head of State instigated Censorship that lasted into 1971 [2433] £60.00
123 CYPRUS WW2 INTERNAL CENSORED ENVELOPE…1945 (Sep 12) Plain stampless envelope to Cyprus Philatelic Stores, Nicosia cancelled FPO 164 cds & with scarcer violet Crown over square framed Passed / By / Censor / No. / 4388 hand stamp & on reverse partial Nicosia / Cyprus (13 Sep) arrival date stamp. Scarcer censorship marking [2072] £20.00
124 GERMANY - RUSSIAN ZONE 1948(Sep 2) envelope to Hamburg, Brit Zone bearing workers 12pf (2) overprinted Sowjetische / Besatzungs / Zone tied Doberlug 58 cds & with plain brown resealing label tied unframed Crown / 3829 h/s in violet [Stich & Stich type 50] [2029] £15.00
125 GERMANY - USA 1948(Nov 11) env to Red Cross Society for Relief Central Europe, Minneapolis, bearing workers 50pf Overprinted Sowjetische / Besatzungs / Zone tied Erfurt d/s & w/on rev double rimmed Cyrillic Soviet Military Censorship / 5326 h/s in violet [Stich & Stich type 71] [2027] £30.00
126 GERMANY - SWITZERLAND 1948(Dec 1) env to Bern bearing workers 25pf (2) Overprinted Sowjetische / Besatzungs / Zone tied Bautzem 2 cds & on reverse double rimmed Cyrillic Soviet Military Censorship / 5319 h/s in violet [Stich & Stich type 71] [2026] £15.00
127 JAPAN - US CENSORSHIP c1947 (Dec 1) Japan 50s Stationary card with some loss of text on reverse uprated with additional 50s & 1y tied indistinct postmark & with black C.C.D. J-3643 / Arms censor [2511] £30.00
128 KENYA-GB [MAU MAU REBELLION] 1954 (Dec 15) Plain envelope by airmail to Liskeard, Cornwall, endorsed Forces Air Mail from Capt. Andrews, P.O. Box 4026 bearingQE2 Lion 20c tied Nairobi date stamp & with violet oval MILITARY HOSPITAL / NAIROBI handstamp [2076] £6.00
129 PORTUGUESE INDIA - USA 1945 (Oct 2) Kashinath Damodar Nair, Merchants & Agents, Margao Gao printed envelope by airmail to New York bearing on reverse Vasco de Gama 6 Rs + 1938 Air issue 7 tgs & 11 tgs tied poorish Goa cds & with PC90 Opened By Examiner label tied lozenge Crown / Passed / DHC 80 & unframed DHC / 383 hand stamps. The lozenge looks like DHO that does not make sense, to me anyway, & I think it is an over inked DHC [1887] £10.00
130 SWEDEN - GERMANY 1946 (Apr 30) Plain envelope with back flap gone to Hamburg bearing pair 5 ore & 2 x 10 ore tied Stockholm 1 cds & with OPENED BY MIL. CEN.-CIVIL MAILS label imprinted PSS.2411. 8.45 2000M tied by violet circular MILITARY CENSORSHIP CIVIL MAILS 520394 hand stamp with the number enhanced in ink [2223] £5.00
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