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Contents and Link to the Bulletin

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:47 pm
by dannmayo

Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use this link to view/download the Bulletin
Bull 201 January 2019-1.pdf

Page Title Author Index
1 Society, library and membership notes
3 Follow-up: Passed by Sandakan Censor Board, 1969 4D19
3 GB - WWI - New Handstamp, HS29 Arne Fredens 1A7-1
5 1920 - Doubly examined letter Berlin to Dar es Salaam Robin Pizer 1B1-7
6 World War II Mail to Liechtenstein Allowed Louis Fiset 3A31
8 WWI - French Censors in London: Seizure Forms Graham Mark 1A5-1 & 1A7-1
9 US WWII: Civil Censorship of Domestic Mail Dann Mayo 3C9-1
12 World War I British India Wax Censor Seals Robert Gray 1D4-1
14 German Civil Censorship Markings used on WWII German Feldpost Larry Nelson 3A3 & 3A3-9
19 Irish Wars 1919-1923 Mark Hallam 2A20
20 Query article: Whose form is this? John Hardies 3C12-1
21 Civil Censor Wax Seals Dann Mayo Various
31 The Article Index Code System used by the CCSG (No Index Class'n)
32 Censorship Permit: Unrecorded P.C. 108 form of 1945 Marc Parren 3A8
34 WWII - Gibraltar T1A Colin Searle 3A6
35 Why was a cover sent from the U.S.A. to Germany via Britain during World War II ? Chris Hargreaves 3A8-1
37 Post-WWII. Republic of South Africa: prison inmate mail censorship in 2011 Marc Parren 4B2
38 Earliest Recorded Cover (and Previously Unrecorded Signature) from the BPA Export Control Maurice Buxton 3A8-1