Contents and Link to Bulletin

Contents and Link to Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use this link to view/download the Bulletin:
Bulletin 199 July 2018 50-300H.pdf

Table of Contents

Page Title Author Index

93 Society Notes
95 World War II Condemned Mail in Bermuda – Examiner 510 Mark Dutton 3C10-3
96 World War II Grenada Update Peter Burrows 3C10-8
97 Post-WWII US, Reappearance of an Old Friend Dann Mayo 4C5
98 US WWII: A Well-Examined Letter with a Story To Tell Charles J. LaBlonde 3C9-1
100 GB - WWI – Wax Seals Used by the Censorship Graham Mark 1A7-1
103 US WWII: Go Tell it to the Censor Dann Mayo 3C9-1
104 GB WWII: Northern Ireland Permit Peter Burrow 3A8-1
105 WWII Palestine: New PC Forms Peter Burrows 3B1-6
106 GB WWII: Glasgow Postal &Telegraph Censorship Peter Burrows 3A8-1
106 GB WWII: New War Office Cachet WW2 Peter Burrows 3A8-1
107 Trinidad WWII: New Enclosure Form Dann Mayo 3C10-17
108 The Second Boer War 1899-1902 Mark Hallam 0B1
111 A Few Unusual POW Covers from the Second Boer War Dann Mayo 0B1
115 GB WWII: Corner Crowns – The End Charles J. LaBlonde 3A8-1
116 Barbados WWI? Dann Mayo 1C7-3
117 GB WWII: Chemical Testing for Secret Ink Dann Mayo 3A8
120 US WWII: Censorship Permits on Covers to Saint Pierre and Miquelon Thomas Richards 3C9-1, 3D2
122 Trinidad WWII: Scarce Cards - Scarce Censor Markings Charles J. LaBlonde 3C10-17
124 US WWII: Travelers' Censorship Canadian Merchant Marine Mail Dann Mayo 3C9-1
125 A Tale of Two Covers: Identical Origin, Different Response Larry Oliver 3C9-1, 3C10-3
130 WWII Undercover Mail from Neutral Countries to Box 506, Lisbon Ed Fraser
132 WWII Undercover Mail from Britain to Box 506, Lisbon Ed Fraser 3A8-1
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