Contents and Link to the Bulletin

Contents and Link to the Bulletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. To use the link to the Bulletin (click on it under "Attachments") you will need to be a CCSG member with a Username and Password. These you can get from me at For those members with website access, when you click on the attachment below, a dialog box should open allowing you either to download the file or open it with Adobe Reader.

Table of Contents

Page Title Author Index
79 Editorial, Library Notes, Membership &c. reports
83 WWII: Thai Censors and Singapore Airmail Markings Distinguished Tom Richards, Fred Nash and Dann Mayo 3D9
84 WWI - GB - “UNDERCOVER MAIL” Graham Mark 1A7-1
92 Follow-on to John Wilson's LATI Substitute Flights Article Bill Broderick 3C9-1
93 A Bit More Algeria Charles J. LaBlonde
94 Feedback on Mike White's ‘Unusual and Scarce,' Bulletin 194 p.54 Richard Beith 3A10-1
95 The History Behind the Cover – The Pentcho Story Larry Nelson 3A10-1
98 Costa Rica, December 1948 Dann Mayo 3C14
100 Unusual to find a Swiss cover stopped by German censorship Ed Fraser 3A3-2
103 Censorship of the Goa Internees Red Cross Mail Charles J. LaBlonde 3A-16
111 Executive Order 8389 Redux Dann Mayo 3C9-1
114 Some questions on the use of PC23 Hans van der Horst 3A8-1
116 “All that Glisters Is Not Gold” Mark and Mayo 3A8-1
117 Mail Seized from the S.S. Excalibur Dave Smith 3C10-3
118 GB WWI, NO REFUND Peter Burrows 1A7
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