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Colin's favourite cover

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:31 pm
by searlec
[b]1941 Malta, Registered, Censored Air Mail, to London, with Royal Navy/ Royal Air Force patriotic label.
This was sent at the height of 'The Siege of Malta' 1940-1942.
Commercial item from The Bank of Malta was sent at the height of the siege of Malta(1940/1942)
with high value 5 shilling and 2 x 2d. definitives.
Cancelled by oval ‘GENERAL POST OFFICE MALTA’ c.d.s. 14 JU 41
Air Mail label
Registration label, Banco di Malta (Malta).
Patriotic label ‘MALTA is grateful to the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force for the safe arrival of this letter.
Triangular handstamp. CS-T2-type 2
Censor label CSL-6A by examiner 26 which was principally used on civilian mail.
Postal Censor wax seal over the sealing label front and back
Boy Scout handstamp 7 over the sealing label on the front and reverse