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In this forum, each member is asked to show one of his or her favourite covers. The attraction need not be based on scarcity or value -- it most likely will turn matters purely personal.

Larry Oliver's Favorite

Postby dannmayo » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:10 am


It seems that the actual date for the beginning of hostilities was the only unknown as the world stumbled toward WWII. Preparations had been made in advance for censoring, to the point of having trained censors and materials available in the Commonwealth. Bermuda station began censoring terminal mail immediately when the war began, as evidenced by this picture postcard dated 11 am 1 September 1939. Censor #3 passed it and affixed his green circular marking on this cover to Washington DC. By the next day, at least four censors were working, although transit mail censoring did not begin until December.
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