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Testing, Testing

Postby dannmayo » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:09 am

The uploading and linking of images is a lengthy, tedious process. But, I think, necessary. I do not recall ever having bought a censored cover (other than in bulk lots) that I had not seen first. We are looking for a way to streamline the process. Here is one solution: Uploading the images in multi-cover .pdf files.

You can initiate the viewing process by clicking on the link below. This will open the .pdf file with the designated scans (in your Adobe Acrobat Reader -- the default selection in my case -- or in some other program, including your browser, as you choose). You will have to switch back and forth between wherever you open the image file and your browser tab with the auction lot listing, but by doing so will be able to maintain your place in each as you go. Please let me know how this works for you.

Dann Mayo

Lots 2, 4, 6, 8, 9.pdf

(Note, only CCSG members with website credentials will be able to view the image files.)

1 AUSTRIA 1917 Glassine GZNB censor tape on back of cover to Red Cross POW Agency in Denmark. Tear on face of cover at top right £10.00
2 CEYLON - SWITZERLAND 1917 (Aug 24) Black & white picture postcard showing 6 females with tea baskets to Winterthur bearing 6c Perfin VB tied Colombo cds & with violet circular Passed / Colombo / Censor handstamp [1713] £25.00
3 COLOMBIA 1902 1000-day war censorship. Good strike of Departmento de Bolivar administrative handstamp on back of cover from Cartagena to US £60.00
4 DENMARK - USA [CENSORED GB] 1917 (Dec 7) Privatbanken I Kobenhavn env to Philadelphia attractively fnkd strip 5 x 4o tied Copenhagen d/s & w/black on white Opened By / Censor / 4704 label [604] £16.00
5 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Feb 27) Coloured stampless picture postcard [Tiny piece gone top left] of Port Said showing O.L.S.S. Oruba & tug w/banner for Hotel Eastern Exchange to Church Stretton, Salop datelined 31st General Hospital, Port Said & signed V.N. Dearden V.A.D. cancelled what looks like skeleton BAPO 1/X but must be BAPO T/X [29 Feb] d/s & w/triangular Passed / By / Censor 3003 h/s in red [1210] £10.00
6 EGYPT 1916 (May 17) 5th Indian General Hospital printed stampless env to Alexandria cancelled Indian FPO 311 d/s located Suez & allocated for use by hospitals & w/circular Passed By Censor/Indian Expeditionary Force/22 h/s in violet & w/on rev Indian FPO 311 [17 May] + bi lingual Suez [17 May] + partial Sidi Birhr [18 May] transit d/s & bi lingual Alexandria [18 May] arrival d/s [1215] £30.00
7 EGYPT - USA 1916 (May 19) Plain envelope to Springfield, Mass. bearing pair 5m tied Port Said cds & with blue on blue fancy Opened By Censor label tied blue circular Passed By Censor with Star in centre hand stamp [597] £8.00
8 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Jul 9) Plain stampless env [light vertical crease] to Aberdeen countersigned by member RAMC & cancelled skeleton APO SZ10/B d/s & w/triangular Passed / By / Censor 3109 h/s in red allocated to 27th General Hospital [1209] £10.00
9 EGYPT - GB 1916 (Nov 30) Sepia photographic stampless postcard showing soldier on mule signed I Hyhathway, Upper Egypt to Bristol & datelined 9785 Sey I Hyhathway RAMC,.21st General Hospital, Eastern Forces cancelled skeleton APO SZ22/C [1 Dec] d/s & w/triangular Passed/By/Censor 300? h/s in red [1211] £10.00
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