Double Censorship of mail from Canada to the US

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Double Censorship of mail from Canada to the US

Postby LudemanM » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:42 pm

[The following question was recently posted on the Stamp Community Family Forum. I thought someone here might be able to provide an answer.

"I asked this in the Canadian forum a couple of weeks ago and have had no reply so I will try here.

It is not uncommon to find mail from Canada addressed to the USA during WW2 that was not cancelled (I think he meant "censored") in Canada (due to pressure of work)but was then censored in the US. It could well be that uncensored mail attracted the US censors attention more than censored mail.

However what I have never seen is mail addressed to America that was censored in BOTH Canada and the US. Has anyone seen such mail."

Does such doubly censored mail exist with Canadian and US markings or labels, and can someone post an example and explain why both countries would feel a need to censort the same letter?


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