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Database Updated as of 12 December 2019

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:59 pm
by dannmayo
Konrad Morenweiser has been maintaining this database for many years, and he has agreed to let us post it for the benefit of CCSG members. Please note that this database is Copyrighted, and it may not be reproduced in any form except by express permission of Konrad Morenweiser.

To access the database you will need to be a CCSG member with a username and password, which you can obtain from me at If you are not already a member, you can also contact me at that e-ddress for membership details.

There are currently over 33,000 entries in the database. New information can be reported to me at the same e-ddress above, and I will forward these reports to Konrad.

B Labels 10 oct 19.pdf

Re: Database Updated as of 18 December 2015

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:45 pm
by belcherstephen
I would like to report a new cover and examiners no

Letter Venezuela to USA dated 15 January 1943 Examiners label 4691 Burrows ANTIGUA L4B with D in Manscript beside the 4
with regards steve

Re: Database Updated as of 18 December 2015

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:46 pm
by belcherstephen
examiners to add to data base

1.Opened by Examiner 6129 Antigua label dated 15 August 1941 postmark Colombia 13 August censored 15 August

2. Opened by Examiner 4598 manuscript ID dated 17 July 1942 postmark Colombia 14 July censored 17 July

with regards steve