Contents and Link to Buletin

Contents and Link to Buletin

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Note: The Table of Contents should be viewable by everyone. CCSG members can use the link below to view/download the Bulletin.

CCSG Bull 215 July 2022-1.pdf


Page Title Author Index
81 Library and Society Notes Graham Mark None
83 HELP WANTED Dann Mayo None
83 Updating the catalogue of WWI postal censorship in Finland Jon Iversen 1A4
86 Chemical testing of German foreign mail Philip Townshend during the First World War 1A3-1
87 Peshawar postal censorship during Robert Gray the third Afghan War 2D1-1
92 A discrepancy on a 1941 German censored cover Jean Specht 3A3
93 A discrepancy on a 1941 German censored cover- Philip Townshend Follow-up 3A3
93 New Indian type 19 cachet Peter Burrows 3D1-6-1
94 Expansion of Listing for GB PC 90 type 2C2 David Mui 3A8-1
96 Expansion of Listing for GB PC 90 type 2C1 David Mui 3A8-1
98 ‘British keep out’! in 1940 (WWII - Germany) Philip Townshend 3A3-2
99 UK WWII - Thomas Cook Peter Burrows 3D1-6-1
101 The Netherlands Überroller Part Three: Liberation Hans van der Horst of France, Belgium and the Netherlands 3A3
108 New Canadian FECB cachet Peter Burrows 3C10-18-1
109 World War II confiscated mail – confiscation Philip Townshend by German authorities? - A follow-up 3A3
110 WWII US: Office of the Chief Postal Censor and Dann Mayo with the low examiner numbers- A follow-up Russ Carter & David Mui 3C9-1
111 Censored mail delayed for long periods Philip Townshend cachet in violet 3A3
113 WWII Germany - Printed sealing material Philip Townshend tied by a narrow band OKW machine cachet 3A3
113 UK WWII - “PERSONALITIES” Peter Burrows 3A8
114 Pakistan censored cover from South Yemen Peter Winders 4D20
115 Second World War - New British PC forms Peter Burrows (PC110 to PC165) 3A8-1
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