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Number lists ex Broderick and Mayo

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 9:51 pm
by dannmayo
After a much too long delay, I am uploading the pages from B&M that list examiner number assignments by location. Some notes are in order.

1) The numbers listed on page 31 are from the official records -- not all of those assigned were used.

2) The numbers listed on pages 32-33 are observed ranges. Again, not all numbers in between the outer limits of a range were used. Moreover, it is probable that, in the 42 years since B&M appeared, some or all of these ranges have expanded.

3) The 2000/3000 series numbers allocated to Washington, DC on page 32 are wrong. These were in fact used in Type B1.6 handstamps that were distributed to various field stations. There is an article on this in the CCSG Bulletin.

4) The TC numbers allocated on pages 32-33 are far from complete. A fairly thorough treatment us US WWII Travelers' Censorship appears in this Forum.